Healthy and productive living need enough sleep each night. If you want good sleep, buying the appropriate mattress should be a top priority. If you want a bed that’s bigger than a single but still small, consider a super single mattress. Super single mattresses are between double and single sizes. Super single mattresses give solitary sleepers plenty of room to roam around. Super single mattresses are longer and broader than ordinary single beds, making them more comfortable for couples. The following paragraphs will explain super single mattresses and why you should get one from Perfecta right away. We’ll also discuss why you should buy one from Perfecta right away.

“Hyper Single Mattress” means what?

Super single beds measure 107 by 190 inches. 107 cm wide. Mattress dimensions are here. So, it’s between single and double bed sizes. Those who need more sleeping space but don’t have room for a king or queen size bed like this. If a larger bed is available, this alternative is less likely to be chosen. That’s often picked. A youngster, guest, or small-space dweller may have a super single mattress. Both are common.

Below are super single mattress types.

Innerspring mattresses support sleepers using metal coils or springs. Fabric covers these springs. These beds are sometimes called box spring mattresses. Durability and buoyancy make these mattresses popular. But, if you want a motion-isolating bed, don’t buy one of these mattresses.


Memory foam mattresses reduce pressure points by conforming to the sleeper. Memory foam mattresses mould to sleepers’ bodies. These mattresses are perfect for couples who like to sleep close but don’t want to be woken up by their partner’s movements because they isolate motion. Sleeping partners should consider this. They retain heat, which isn’t great for warm sleepers.


Latex Beds and Mattresses Latex mattresses are noted for comfort and longevity. They can be made from natural or synthetic rubber, both of which have lengthy lifespans. These mattresses support, relieve pressure, and isolate motion. Its cooling characteristics make them ideal for sleepers who overheat. There may be huge costs.


Hybrid mattresses combine the greatest qualities of innerspring, memory foam, and latex mattresses into one compact package. Hybrid mattresses are practical and easy to use. The coils in the middle give support, while the latex or foam on either side provides comfort. Several gadgets have pocketed coils within. Hybrid mattresses are great for bed purchasing since they integrate many characteristics into one simple package.


What makes a Perfecta mattress good for a super single bed?

Exceptional Quality Perfecta mattresses employ only the best materials. Our super single mattresses have high foam, latex, and innerspring components for superior comfort and support. Our super single mattresses are all made in the UK.

High-Quality Work Our mattresses are custom-made by industry veterans with proper training. We take pleasure in our consistent service excellence and painstaking attention to detail over many years.

We offer reasonable pricing without compromising mattress quality. We accomplish this through ongoing improvement. We keep our pricing cheap so everyone may afford a comfy mattress. We believe everyone deserves a comfy bed.

We strive to give our clients the greatest service since we believe it will improve our relationships. If you have any mattress questions, please ask our knowledgeable staff.

Perfecta’s online store sells a choice of super mattresses. Our vast range of mattresses includes memory foam, latex, and hybrids. Compared to other mattress retailers, we sell only the best products, manufactured with painstaking accuracy, priced competitively, and backed by friendly, knowledgeable service. Buying a Perfecta super single mattress today will give you the best sleep ever.

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