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Joining an Australian educational institution for training can be very advantageous for your professional career. For instance, by joining an Australian university you can easily ramp up your value in the market. However, before you move to the study destination you must get yourself familiar with its student life. Why? Because it will make it very easy for you to decide whether the country is ideal for you or not. Keeping this in mind, today we are sharing with you a complete about student life in Australia.

Cost of Studying

As an international student large part of your student life in Australia will consist of managing your finances. Besides managing your education cost you will have to manage various living expenses while studying. However, the cost of studying at an Australian training institution can vary depending on your location/university. But on average, you will need approximately AUD 15,000 to AUD 36,000 to get admission to an Australian educational institution. However, if you find this cost quite high then you can always use scholarships for reducing it. To learn about the most affordable locations/universities in the country in detail feel free to contact our Australia Study Abroad Consultants in India.

Cost of Living

The country ranks amongst the top countries when it comes to providing quality services to residents. For instance, it has an astonishing/remarkable medical system. Moreover, the Australian education system is also quite amazing. This is because the country spends hefty money on the improvement/development of its education system as well as medical facilities. However, as an international student, you might find it a little expensive to cover your living expenses in the country. On average, you will need anywhere around AUD 1500 to meet your monthly living expenses in the nation. Following is the list of expenses that you may have to incur while studying in an Australian educational institution:

  • Accommodation: AUD 100- 300
  • Food/Groceries: AUD 140- 280
  • Utilities: AUD 10-20
  • Transportation: AUD 30- 60
  • Recreation: AUD 80-150
  • Other expenses: AUD 15-20

Climate Conditions

If you come from Europe/North America then you may struggle to adjust yourself to the climate of the country. Moreover, the temperature of the county also varies from location to location. But on average the climate during the summer in the nation is around 20°C to 35°C. Similarly, during the winter average temperature of the country is between 3°C to 20°C. Whereas in the spring and fall, you will experience warm mornings and cold evenings.

Work Life

The country offers lots of other things to students other than amazing city life. The number of working houses is just 20 hours/per week in the nation. In other words, the study destination gives lots of emphasis on work-life balance. Besides this, usually, all Australian training institutions allow international candidates to work in the country. This allows students to better manage their expenses while studying at an Australian training institution. On average, you can make around AUD 18 /hour while working part-time at the study destination. However, to work part-time in the country you will need to meet specific requirements.

For instance, you must pass the IELTS test with a certain score to work in the nation. Apart from this, while studying in the country you will get a chance to learn about its culture, and beliefs in detail. In short, studying in an Australian educational institution can be a very enriching experience for you.

Campus Life

While pursuing your training in an Australian university you will be spending the majority of your time studying. Moreover, you will find yourself working on different projects and assignments. Besides this, you will get a chance to become part of various student clubs/groups while studying in the nation. Apart from this, you will get a chance to take up different outdoor activities in the nation like surfing, hiking, etc. In other words, you will have a stupendous campus life in the nation.

Recreational Activities

While pursuing your training at an Australian training institute you will get the opportunity to participate in various recreational activities. The residents of the country are extremely friendly and they never shy away from participating in recreational activities. For instance, you can find them taking part in activities such as surfing, bungee jumping, hiking, etc. Thus, there is no shortage of recreational activities in the country for students. Moreover, they are many great opera houses/clubs in the nation that you can visit during your stay in the nation. To learn about the other places that you can visit at the study destination while studying feel free to contact our Study Abroad Consultants.


Now you are of all the things you must know about student life in Australia. So, make sure you keep this info in mind if you are planning to join an Australian university for your training. This will make it quite easy for you to decide whether you should go to the country for education or not.

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