Houseboats in Srinagar

Want a break from daily life’s stress and problems but not sure where to go or what to do? The answer is a holiday to Srinagar and when Srinagar comes to mind it simply says the beauty and serenity of houseboats in Srinagar. Also, how can a trip to Srinagar ever be complete without experiencing the houseboat in Dal lake, right!

Imagine! Standing on the houseboat balcony with a cup of tea, with a peaceful panoramic view of Dal Lake. Yes, it seems to be a beautiful imagination but it can be realistic if you take a break and visit Srinagar. 

Houseboats in Srinagar 

Houseboat is a floating house made up of woods but you can say “a floating paradise.” A fairytale of the real world. A house wrapped around the lap of nature. 

It is a home anchored in a peaceful lake surrounded by snowy mountains with a tint of sunlight, away from the chaotic noisy city life filled with the music of the waves.

The houseboats emerged in Srinagar in the 19th century. It conveys the history of the place. Some of them are 100 years old too. They are wooden boats that display exquisite art of wood carvings representing the life and culture of the Kashmir people.

It has rooms, a hall, a kitchen, and all the areas a house on land has. The Kashmiri names for the hallway – ‘Metheab’, the kitchen – ‘Bushkan’, the corridor – ‘dorak’, and the drawing room -‘khot’. 

The houseboats are perfect and safe for people of any age, young to old. Therefore, they are best for family vacationers, honeymoon couples as well as solo travelers who can take houseboat tour packages to enjoy this exclusive experience in peace.

Types of Rooms in a houseboat 

Deluxe room

A luxurious and spacious room with a lakeside view and facilities like TV, AC, free wifi, breakfast, and other things. 

Premium rooms

 A well-decorated room with the art of walnut wood, double/twin bed with bathtub, provided by walk-in wardrobe. So it is best for those who love bathtubs in their bathrooms. It gives you a royal vibe amidst the lake. 

Noora Suite Room

Beautifully designed plush rooms with a balcony of lake view feature one king-size bed or two full beds, work areas, and seating area as well as separate dressing rooms with a bathing tub and a separate shower area. A perfect relaxing scented place to get lost in the valley of Kashmir.

Luxury Suite Room

A suite known for its ostentatiously artistic design with Jacuzzi and a royal spacious bedroom gives you the feel of living in a king’s room with all the facilities.

Other attractions in Srinagar

Apart from the scenic view and the awe-inspiring houseboats, there are many other things Srinagar is famous for. This includes a shikara ride, a sunset of dal lake, floating shops, and a view of the morning vegetable and flower market.


Every place around nature is colorful and beautiful but what makes it more memorable and beautiful is the people of that place. The native people of Srinagar are very humble and welcoming nature. They show you around and let you know the raw history of the place. They will respect you and make you feel comfortable like at home. 


You will get an in-house restaurant on your houseboats. They provide delicious Kashmiri cuisine and lip-smacking food.  You can enjoy Kahwa, a Kashmiri tea.

Shikara Ride in Dal Lake

If you are a morning person then it is a must-go to see the sunrise along with the Shikara Ride to see the floating vegetable market. The market is actually a beautiful chaos and full of fresh colors of vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Buy some flowers, and pure saffron from local vendors and try out the Kashmiri costume and take photographs.

Bottom Line

Now that you have an idea of ​​what the houseboat experience is all about and find it stress-free and safest, think no more. Enjoy a peaceful stay and live your life to the fullest in one of the coolest ways possible. 

Houseboats in Srinagar have always been the most favored tourist destination for local travel. And if you are an Indian still wondering about Houseboats, you are already late. However, no age can limit your adventure. 

Just book your stay in the best houseboat soon!

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