In this article by Gurukul Career Group which offers NDA Coaching in Chandigarh, we will converse how to crack NDA written exam in one month time period. 30 days are too not as much for NDA preparation, but still, we will proffer our finest in this one month instead of waiting for the next attempt. When you will prepare for the NDA exam in 30 days, you will cover the major topics of NDA Mathematics and NDA GAT(General Aptitude Test) paper which will insert value in your NDA preparation which will be helpful even in your forthcoming NDA attempts.

NDA Preparation Tips 2023 for Paper 1: Mathematics

In Maths, questions are asked from Integral Calculus, Differential Equations, Trigonometry, Algebra, Vector Algebra, Matrices, Determinants, Analytical Geometry, Statistics & Probability. Check below the training tips for this segment:

  • Candidates must have clearness in concepts
  • Candidates must go back to the fundamentals if concepts are not clear as well as try to solve as many mathematical problems as possible
  • For this paper, use time management is very important, candidates need to solve all questions within the stipulated time
  • applicant should practice previous years’ question papers


NDA Preparation Tips 2023 for English

The English test is held for 200 marks along with covers topics from vocabulary, grammar and usage, and comprehension. To prepare for this section, candidates should read newspapers as well as magazines daily. Also, candidates should focus on fundamental grammar rules. While reading, if the candidates are not capable to understand the meaning of certain words, then they should look into the dictionary for those words.

NDA Preparation Tips 2023 for General Knowledge

The GK examination carries 400 marks as well as assesses a candidate’s understanding of Current Affairs. The test encompasses questions from General Science, Indian history, Physics, Geography, Chemistry, and Current Events. Check the preparation tips for this segment:

  • Follow the news updates frequently
  • applicant must be aware of events like sports, arts, literature, etc.
  • Read about the contemporary economic scenario, the recent and past policies, and topics related to India and its neighboring countries


NDA Preparation Tips 2023 for Physics

The physics section of the NDA exam carries 23-25 questions on general physics topics. Here are some tips that will assist candidates in NDA preparation tips for Physics:

The syllabus of NDA physics is immense. Candidates must focus on the noteworthy topics that carry the maximum weightage such as Ohm’s Law, Mass, Force, and Momentum. Candidates should not overlook other topics given in the syllabus

Candidates should make note of significant definitions and formulae

NDA Preparation Tips 2023 for Chemistry

The NDA Chemistry segment comprises questions largely based on chemical formulae and reactions. The topics covered are elements, mixtures, compounds, physical & chemical changes, acids, bases, salts, simple chemical equations, laws of chemical grouping, properties of air & water, oxidation, reduction, carbon as well as diverse forms, the structure of an atom, atomic equivalent, molecular weight, valency, mole concept, fertilizers, preparation of substances like soap, glass, cement, practice, and properties of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. The tips, as well as tricks to prepare for the NDA Chemistry section, are known below:

  • Revise notes daily
  • Find out the recurring questions from the previous years’ question papers
  • Revise the chemical reactions

NDA Preparation Tips 2023 for Biology

The Biology section carries topics such as cells and tissues, living and non-living organisms, human body and organs, development and reproduction in plants and animals, common epidemics – causes and preventions, balanced diet and food as an energy supply for living beings, solar system, meteors, comets, eminent scientists and their achievements, etc. Candidates can refer to high school books to clear their concepts.

NDA Preparation Tips 2023 for Current Affairs

NDA current affairs encompass questions related to the latest happenings in India and worldwide. The topics covered under this segment are politics, eminent personalities, sports, cinema, awards and recognitions, cultural events, science and technological breakthrough, government rules and policies, countries as well as prime ministers or presidents, countries, and capitals, finance and banking, etc. Candidates should remain rationalized by reading newspapers.

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