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Have you ever before asked yourself exactly how large sized heavy duty stainless-steel bolts & nuts are made, well huge sized stainless steel screws are normally hot created or made from hot building procedure on an upsetter machine. In our company we produce SS bolts in all grades which are used for stainless-steel boltings.


The most preferred grades for stainless-steel screws & nuts are SS 304, SS 304L, SS 316, SS316L and also 316S31. Our firm produces and exports stainless-steel screws & nuts in all these qualities to over 65 nations all over the globe. Our variety of bolts are from M-20 to M-76 in size and are all made from warm building process.

Stainless-steel screws

Stainless-steel screws are used primarily in locations where there is high danger of rust, this can be in areas which are very close to the shore as well as likewise in locations where there is huge danger of leakage of gases which can cause deterioration really rapidly. Stainless steel screws are also challenging in basic nature, nevertheless their strength is towards 70 kgs which implies that in SS 304 it will certainly be A2-70 and in SS 316 it will be A4-70.


Stainless steel bolts as well as nuts are primarily utilized for pumps, shutoffs and flange joints in pipes which carry sewer, water as well as drainage. SS screws as the name suggests is stainless which likewise implies they are rust evidence, one more popular name for them is INOX and also these screws as well as nuts are additionally widely called INOX bolts & nuts. It is frequently needed that stainless-steel screw achieve the mechanical homes of high tensile bolts, in SS screw this is called A2-80 in SS 304 grade as well as A4-80 in SS 316 grade. This strength is attained by cold drawing or strain hardening to accomplish this needed toughness in stainless steel. This is an incredibly popular quality as well as is now quickly produced by us in our state-of-the-art production centers.


The diameter as well as the length of the SS bolts typically relies on the drawings made by the professional as well as the thickness of the flange being used. The size of the screw is after that calculated remembering the demand of washers for each and every stainless-steel screw & nut. This is additionally depended upon the stress of the pipeline if it is PN 16, or PN 25. The diameter of the pipeline differes and so does the flange density differ which will after that cause the appropriate size and also size of the screw & nut.


SS Fasteners manufactures stainless-steel stud and also threaded bars which are comonly used for pumping terminals for valves and pumps throughout the world.

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