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Immigrating to an all-new place is not an easy task, especially when you’re planning to move there permanently. You will have to consider various things from finding a new job and house to the community. You will have to build everything from scratch. 

It’s more factual when you’re moving to a populated country like Canada, which is known for its wealth of opportunities and employment. However, with competition soaring high, it’s difficult to find employment in Canada and that’s why people are moving to its provinces among which New Brunswick is the most popular one for its stunning ocean views and wealth of opportunities. 

This region of Canada’s east coast is well known for its friendly locals, lively culture, and exciting job opportunities. So, if you have plans to settle in New Brunswick through New Brunswick PNP or any other stream here’s a brief guide, 

Getting a Job in New Brunswick

One of the first things you need to do when settling in New Brunswick is to find employment. There are different businesses, including forestry, manufacturing, tourism, agriculture, and fishing, that offer employment opportunities. Other than these fields, industries that are trending and have the potential to grow are Information technology, cybersecurity, and bioscience. 

Apart from doing your research, consider taking help from employment consultancies or placement firms. Another efficient approach to getting a job is through networking. To widen your network, go to career fairs, sign up for trade networks, and make contacts with experts in your industry. The New Brunswick government offers a variety of programs and initiatives to assist job seekers in their search for employment.

Finding a Place to Call Home

New Brunswick offers a lot of housing options from apartments to rental houses that fit any budget and lifestyle. You can find apartments in urban areas, rental homes in suburbs and rural areas, and budget-friendly housing options for low-income families. These are just a few of the housing options available in New Brunswick to meet a variety of lifestyles and budgets. Apart from this, the government also supports initiatives for families with low income. 


Connect with the community when settling in New Brunswick. It will help you gain some knowledge about the local culture, learn their language and build a support system. Here are some ways to get involved in the community:

  • Volunteer– Volunteering is a great way to get involved in the community and meet new people. Several organisations in New Brunswick are always looking for volunteers.
  • Join Clubs and Organizations– Joining clubs and organisations is a great way to connect with people who share your interests. It could be a book club, sports or health club.

This may take some time, but make sure to put in the effort to establish a sense of belonging.


French and English are the two main languages of the province of New Brunswick. However, 70% of the population speaks English and the other 30% of the population speaks French. Out of the 10 provinces, only Quebec and New Brunswick are bilingual provinces where French and English are the official languages. Apart from these, other languages spoken are Arabic, German, Spanish and Chinese. 


There are several ways to get around, including auto rental, bus, train, taxi, or bicycle. While a bus is a convenient and cost-effective mode of transportation, renting a car offers flexibility and independence. Taxis are a practical option for shorter trips, whereas trains are scenic and luxurious. You can also consider cycling, which is a fantastic way to get some fitness while riding amidst the stunning scenery of the province. 

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP) is designed to help entrepreneurs and qualified foreign employees with settling in New Brunswick. It includes several streams to meet the demands of various immigration categories like:

  • The Skilled Worker stream focuses on the province’s labour market and targets people with relevant skills and qualifications. The eligibility criteria include an employment offer from a New Brunswick employer, a current Express Entry profile, or a link to prior work experience. 
  • The entrepreneurial stream targets people who wish to start a business in the province. 

Apart from these two streams, the NBPNP also has streams like Express Entry or Atlantic immigration pilot programs for qualified and skilled individuals in healthcare and other industries. 

Immigrating to a new place is always a challenge because there are so many things to take into account from education and work to the overall lifestyle. Once your life in New Brunswick is sorted, you can sponsor your family members or parents through parents sponsorship Canada. We hope the above guide helped you learn about all the options available to you for a swift transition to New Brunswick. 

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