Dutch migrants established New York in 1624. The city was earlier known as New Amsterdam; however, the Duke of York, King Charles II, changed the name to New York. There are five provinces in New York City: Staten Island, Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens. 

It is one of the most crowded and traveled cities in the United States. Central Park is the most photographed destination in New York. The city is an abode of diversity, customs, and civilizations all over the globe. 

New York contains over three million habitants born outside of the United States. The vibrant heritage, famous sights, cinemas, museums, and skyline are must-visit places. 

Tourists can catch sight of some mesmerizing places and things to do in New York. But before that, make your Spirit Airlines booking Online, complete with our flight booking engine platform.  

5 Top-Rated Attractions to Visit in New York

Spirit Airlines offers cheap flight tickets to New York so that you can explore your dream destination without burning a hole in your wallet. We recommend you add these spectacular destinations to your New York itinerary.

  1. Check out Central Park

Walking down to Central Park, one of the most captured destinations in New York, is indeed worth experiencing. It is a scenic city to travel to and find peace while exploring magnificent architecture and art. 

After coming across busy roads, the central park will immerse you into the pool of scenic beauty it preserves. Undoubtedly, it is the highly preferred place to visit in New York. It is also the favorite destination for film shooting, as people from every corner go to New York to shoot movies and music videos. 

It is a walkable city with bountiful areas to give cycles and bikes for rent to make your expedition more comfortable. Tourists can enjoy the sun-kissed atmosphere at Bethesda Terrace and experience a distinct thrill amidst the bustling town. 

Children will adore the thrilling ride on the roundabout, horse, and cart in Central Park. It also features the Central park zoo, which preserves exotic species of plants and animals. You can use the spirit book ticket to get a cheap flight ticket to New York.

  1. Rockefeller Center 

The multifaceted combination of nineteen buildings, of which 14 is an Art deco building, is Rockefeller Center. The Rockefeller family is a magnificent complex in Midtown Manhattan in the middle of 5th- 6th avenue and is a popular destination among tourists. 

You can explore several activities and attractions here to calm your wanderlust soul. The center features iconic buildings, including Rockefeller Christmas Tree, statues of Atlas and Prometheus, Today Show studios, Radio City Music Hall, and Rockefeller Plaza. 

Rockefeller Center has a surveillance floor at the top to ensure the safety of visitors. It provides splendid visuals of midtown Manhattan and central park; you can witness the beauty yourself with Spirit airlines book a flight. 

  1. Walking around the High Line

It is recreational parkland with a raised path known as The High Line. The High Line, constructed above a former railroad route, is a spectacular attraction to explore on your trip to New York. It is one of Manhattan’s nicest pathways and is free for visitors. 

You can reach Hudson yards from Chelsea Market in roughly half an hour while flying with Spirit Airlines flight booking to reach this gem destination in the United States.

  1. Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

The Statue of Liberty is the essence of the beauty of New York. You cannot skip this gem destination on your trip. France gave this tallest effigy to the United States in 1886. The Statue of Liberty is a world-famous statue known for its magnificent architecture. 

Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi created the layout of The Statue of Liberty; on the other hand, Gustavo Eiffel developed metal structures. The statue depicts the image of the Roman Goddess of liberty named Libertas. 

You can explore the statue of liberty and Ellis Island on the same day. Liberty Island allows visitors to climb the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty; moreover, you can explore the entire route to the coronet. 

The ferry with Battery Park in Manhattan links Ellis Island and Liberty Island. It takes 4 hours to complete the roundtrip excursion from Battery Park to Liberty Island and Ellis Island. You can book cheap flight tickets to New York using the Spirit Airlines reservations window and enjoy exclusive discounts and great deals. 

  1. The Empire State Building

Empire State Building was established in 1931 and is among the seven wonders of the contemporary world. Before World Trade Center, it was the highest building on the planet. 

Travelers from different nations flock here to see the empire state building. It is also an ideal location for film shooting. You can undoubtedly go for an excursion to Empire State Building and enjoy an experience beyond your imagination. 

It is home to the world’s famous structures and historical memorials. You can book flight tickets to New York using Spirit Airlines manage booking in advance to avail of cheap flight tickets and save money.

The Empire State Building contains two surveillance decks: the Indoor terrace is on the 102nd floor, and the outdoor deck is on the 86th story. People need to buy tickets to visit the observation deck; however, you must choose whether to see both or one observation deck.

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