Protein supplements are an important supplement to your health and fitness routine. They can help you increase muscle mass, gain a healthy body weight, and improve your immune system.

There are many protein supplements available in the market, but it is difficult to choose the best one for you. To help you make the right choice, we have compiled the top 5 protein supplements Pakistan that are guaranteed to give you effective results.

dymatize iso 100

Dymatize is a well-known supplement brand, producing everything from bars to protein powders, muscle gainers, creatine, and glutamine. They have a good reputation with third party testing sites like Labdoor, and their ISO 100 protein powder is their flagship product.

This whey protein is hydrolyzed, which means it’s been run through enzymes that break down whey isolate – the lowest fat, lowest calorie type of whey – into a form closer to its basic amino acids. That makes it better absorbed by your body, and much less likely to cause lactose intolerance or other digestion problems.

This is a very good whey protein for any bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast, as it has the essential amino acids needed to promote muscle growth. It also contains high concentrations of BCAAs, which activate muscle protein synthesis. It can be used before and after workouts for optimal recovery.

dymatize super mass gainer

Dymatize super mass gainer is a powerful protein powder that’s perfect for bodybuilders, tough gainers and powerlifters who want to pack on muscle. It contains calories, protein, BCAAs, vitamins and minerals that are all essential for rapid growth of muscle size.

It has been formulated with 52g of fast- and slow-absorbing protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats for explosive growth. It also features 14 vitamins and minerals to fuel accelerated muscle recovery and hypertrophy.

In addition, it contains 250mg of the Zytrix enzyme blend to promote optimal digestion and nutrient absorption plus a full vitamin and mineral blend. It’s the ideal post-workout shake to help build lean muscle and boost recovery.

It can be used during the day, but it is best to use half servings to minimize the risks of bloating, nausea, and inconsistency in energy levels. In addition, it is best to use it in the post-workout period because it boosts muscle growth, and that is when your body can best benefit from the high calorie content.

nitro tech ripped

Nitro tech ripped is a protein powder that can help you build lean muscle and lose weight at the same time. Its ingredients include CLA, L-carnitine, MCTs, whey protein isolate and whey peptides, green tea extract, rosehip extract, and kelp powder- all backed by two scientific trials for weight loss results you can trust!

Nitro Tech Ripped is a premium protein supplement designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to build lean muscle and lose weight. Its unique blend of whey peptides, isolate, and concentrate delivers fast-acting protein to muscles, while a precise dose of C. canephora robusta helps promote healthy weight loss.

This supplement is a popular choice for bodybuilders and athletes who need to consume a lot of protein in a short period. The whey peptides in the product are filtered through multi-phase filtration technology to reduce fat, lactose and impurities. The whey protein in the product is also a high-quality source of protein, containing the highest biological value proteins.

dynamite protein powder

It’s not often you find a high octane high energy drink in a protein shake. Dynamite bling, this tasty tidbit is a winner. A high powered blend of whey protein and caffeine in a tasty ice cream like base makes it the star of your weekly smorgasboard, no doubt about it. Dynamite bling has the right ingredients in the right quantities, and you can have a go at it in the comfort of your home.


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