Payback Ltd is a recovery firm that helps you recover funds lost to scam artists and crypto Ponzi schemes. It specializes in cryptocurrency, forex, stock trading and credit card scams.

The company has a proven track record for helping victims of these scams recover their money. They’re also renowned for their competitive fees and expert team.


Payback Ltd is a renowned company that has successfully reclaimed funds for hundreds of victims. They have recovered more than $200 million in the last four years.

They help people who have fallen prey to crypto scams, forex, stock trading, and credit card fraud. Their experienced team of experts helps them to recover their funds.

Using a time-tested method, they hunt down scammers and force them to return the money they stole from their victims. They take actions that bank fraud investigation teams don’t have the time or resources to do.

To begin the recovery process, they ask clients to provide information about how their funds were stolen. They also need to know the banking laws of the country that governs the transaction.


In the crypto industry, a lot of people lose money because they are fooled by scammers who promise them big profits. Thankfully, there are companies like Payback Ltd that save their clients from falling victim to these fraudsters.

In this way, they are able to help thousands of victims recover their stolen funds each month. However, a client should be aware that the rate of success depends on a number of factors.

Firstly, they should ask for help immediately after getting scammed to improve their chances of catching the culprits. Secondly, they should document their online activity and provide all the necessary evidence to the team.

This can include logs, screenshots, receipts, and other proof. The team at Payback Ltd will use this information to track down the scammer. They will also negotiate with the scammers and convince them to return the money they stole.


One of the major worries that people have about recovery services is the fees. No recovery service would help you without charging you some money, as they’ll be spending a lot of time and effort on your behalf.

Fortunately, Payback Ltd doesn’t charge its clients anything before they start working on their cases. This is because they want to make sure that they can actually help you get your funds back and not just scam you out of them.

The company also claims that it can recover your money from any kind of scam, regardless of the type of fraud you’ve fallen foul of. However, this is only true if you can provide them with the relevant documentation.

The first step is to determine the banking laws that govern your transaction. This is crucial as it determines the amount of work that will be needed to reverse the disputed transaction.

Customer support

Payback Ltd is a recovery firm that can help you if you have lost money to a scam. They offer a free consultation to ensure that they can recover your funds. They also provide excellent customer support through a live chat and email.

Their team has years of experience in chargebacks and risk management cases. Its members have diverse backgrounds, including forensic accountants and lawyers.

They are available around the clock, but they only start working on your case when you contact them with a valid claim. It’s a process that can take between one and six months.

Once a claim is made, the team will need to get together evidence about the scam, including bank statements and transaction receipts. They will also need to know how the funds were sent (credit card, wire transfer, etc.) and what country governs those banking laws.

The FSMA has issued a warning about Payback Ltd, calling it a “cloned firm.” This means that they have copied the name of another legitimate company and are trying to deceive customers.


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