The trustworthy charting system known as New Open-Source Health, or NOSH, puts an end to the woes of medical professionals. The EMR was primarily developed to meet outpatient medical practices’ charting needs. However, NOSH EHR demonstrated innovation and established a spotless name in the market.  Considering the rapid advancement of technology and increasing demands of healthcare facilities. It is now regarded as a reliable EHR because of its exceptional features and specifications. Praxis EMR is an electronic medical records (EMR/EHR) program that enables healthcare professionals to create unique papers. And reports in their own writing style as opposed to utilizing pre-established templates. Praxis EMR uses idea processing, a type of artificial intelligence. That is, to understand the preferred approach of the treating physician. 

NOSH EHR Features 

Medical Records 

Customizable reports in the records provide more thorough and pertinent information before contacts. The medical history, physical exam, and system evaluation templates can all be altered by doctors to suit their particular requirements. The patient portal allows customized electronic forms to be sent, filled out, and saved along with the patient’s medical data. 

Medical Charting 

The charts include information on demographics, present issues, medications, dietary supplements, etc. It has an automatic notice and reminder system. And an internal document-generating and management system that interacts with the patient portal. With personalized patient data and charts, clinics can see what they need and want, which expedites and optimizes therapy. Doctors may generate cozy and thorough reports with a configurable patient information display. 

Practice Management 

Practices may handle scheduling, patients, and medical data from a single platform. Also, inventory, finances, etc. Physicians, assistants, billers, and even patients can stay organized with the aid of import/export connectors. And notifications and individualized patient data and communications. 

NOSH EHR Pricing 

The flexible pricing of NOSH EMR enables practices of all sizes to use its capabilities across their whole practice for enhanced procedures. It can be adjusted according to your requirements. Contact the vendor if you need extra information. 

NOSH Demo 

If you want to see why NOSH is the best option for your clinic, you can also schedule a NOSH EMR demo. Through the official website, the NOSH demo can be requested. 

NOSH Reviews 

Reviews of NOSH EMR talk about how ideal this program is. It seamlessly fits in and adjusts to each medical practice’s unique requirements. Reviews also show that various servers, including Linux, may be configured to run NOSH EMR. The fact that it can be deployed on servers and used in the cloud simultaneously is astounding. 

Praxis EMR Software Features 

Practice Guidelines 

The software can also obtain Clinical Practice Guidelines. Physicians employ clinical practice guidelines, which are recommendations and regulations. To choose their patients’ treatments and diagnostic procedures. The software’s data mining tools and query engine make it easy for users to create queries even without prior technical experience. The software can apply both prospective and retrospective queries. Users can quickly access suitable recommendations with the help of retrospective inquiries. These suggestions are based on the patient type based on the ICD-10s and CPTs. Also, results of laboratory data, drugs used, demographic factors, and clinical parameter results. 


Due to the software’s support for doctors’ distinctive and varied practice styles, users can also make fresh recommendations. Both are independent of retrospective inquiries. The user’s perception of what is appropriate for a specific patient or circumstance informs these new recommendations. The software then saves this suggestion for subsequent searches. Hence enabling practitioners to enhance their practices. And provide the best treatments or prescriptions to specific individuals or circumstances. Regardless of how common or similar they may be. 

Knowledge Exchanger 

The Knowledge Exchanger in Praxis EMR enables users to share their knowledge bases with their knowledgeable coworkers. Use Praxis EMR and gain insight into another user’s profession. Users accessing these other knowledge bases might collaborate to improve their medical practice by adding to their own documentation process or methodology. 

Patient Portal 

Praxis has automated your workflow, the Patient Portal, and your procedure. Based on each patient’s condition, the Concept Processor in Praxis adjusts health maintenance at the portal automatically. You may enhance patient engagement, communication, and education with minimal effort. Streamline the procedure for admitting patients and obtaining their consent, conduct online research and studies, and enhance patient outcomes. 

Praxis EMR Cost 

Each user receives a plan that meets their demands since the Praxis EMR pricing is designed to meet the needs of each clinical practice. That means it is customizable. If you want to get a custom quote then the vendor can be contacted for further information. 

Praxis EMR Demo 

You can schedule a Praxis EMR demo through the official website to find out how it can help your medical practice. It will help answer all queries and clear all doubts. A demo is simply a teaser of the software. It allows users to understand the tool before actually investing in it. It lets one balance out the pros and cons.  

Praxis Reviews 

It differs from other SOAP notes in that everything is organize on one page rather than in separate windows. Compared to turning the chart around, this is simpler. Additionally, anything you wrote in it—like a prescription or a referral—is sent when you close the note. Therefore, you won’t have to do anything twice. Some actions need one click, others require two, some require you to check “ok,” while others require you to click “enter.” There doesn’t appear to be a pattern or logic. The fact that it moves pretty slowly is another major drawback. 

Final Thoughts 

Praxis and NOSH offer numerous solutions to help clinics optimize their workflow. Both businesses offer a patient interface, document management, and billing, among other services. Both of them offer a software demonstration. But there are some differences between the two. Pricing is customizable. If you want to know more about each software, kindly get in touch with us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. 


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