Cirkul Sips water dispenser

It’s possible that you’ve at least once been concerned about the quantity of sugar in your favorite flavored or fizzy beverage. Flavored beverages may add up quickly in cost. A Cirkul Sips water bottle stands out as an original product in a crowded market. It’s more than just a water bottle it’s a dosing system for adding flavorings to water using pre-measured cartridges. We were curious about the lifespan of a Cirkul Sips cartridge and discovered that it is directly proportional to the amount of flavoring we apply to it.

Cirkul Sips with their many available tastes, are adaptable to a broad variety of situations and routines. No matter whether you need a boost before hitting the gym or the workplace, a flavored cartridge is available to meet your needs. One of their regular offerings is the Cirkul Sips 32oz Stainless-Steel Bottle with Comfort Grip Lid. A four-cartridge starting set is what we used to get ours.

Offer Discount Codes

Cirkul gives discounts and discount offers periodically, although less frequently than its rivals. With hundreds of thousands of monthly searches for coupons, but a relatively modest number of Cirkul Coupon Code given, Cirkul is one of the most sought-after brands when it comes to discounts and discount offers.

A Tastier More Manageable Drinking Experience

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Circulating Water Bottle Infusion

The Cirkul 32oz Stainless-Steel Bottle and Comfort Grip Lid is an attractive choice if you want to improve your hydration experience. In general, we haven’t been thrilled with how things have gone so far, and that’s due to a combination of factors, including the testers’ personal preferences and concerns about cleanliness and the resulting bacterial stew.

Come in a Variety of Tastes

The mechanisms seem to function well, and we look forward to experimenting with new flavors in the hopes that they will have a less synthetic flavor. What Cirkul calls a Sip is a flavor cartridge that may be used in this water bottle. Cirkul Sips which come in a variety of tastes, allow you to add some variety to your water and make it more enjoyable to drink.

Adjust the Intensity of the Taste

The flavor dial allows you to adjust the intensity of the taste in each serving. Turning this dial quickly transforms ordinary water into a flavored drink. The number of times a Sip may be used increases with decreasing dosage strength. However, with a lower strength infusion setting, you may reuse the solution up to six times. Let’s dig in to explore its many features and determine whether or not it’s a good investment.

Technical Specifications and Available Options

Holds 32 ounces. Gray, Green, Matte Black, Matte Purple, Navy, Pink, Purple, Red, Steel, and White are the colors available for the bottles. Black, Blue, Gray, and Orange are the Available Cap Colors. The Cirkul Sips flavor cartridges are compatible with the Cirkul 32oz Stainless-Steel Bottle and Comfort Grip Lid. You can flavor your water as you drink it with these cartridges. Basically, with the flip of a switch, you can go from drinking water to drinking a flavored drink.

Drink Cool for Up to Eight Hours

This water bottle has a stainless steel outside and vacuum insulation inside to keep your drink cool for up to eight hours. Other dishwasher-safe water bottles, like as the Yeti Rambler, may also be readily cleaned after having drink crystals or fruits add. In this light, the Sip system is likely to seem gimmicky to some.

Six Distinct Varieties

Cirkul Sips may be purchase right now in six distinct varieties. Life Sips, which may be use as regular water replacement, now include B vitamins. Fit Sips are healthier alternatives for energy drinks since they include B vitamins and electrolytes. Go Sips is the place to go for coffee lovers to satisfy their cravings. Also highly recommended are Brew Sips, a premium iced coffee mix, and Tea Sips, a premium tea blended with all-natural fruit tastes.

Contains Natural Flavor Extracts

None of the Cirkul Sips include any artificial flavors or dyes they’re entirely derive from natural ingredients. It is possible to view the contents of these cartridges in full color in certain movies. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that the movies merely utilize the drinks’ colors to visually suggest a difference in taste. It all boils down to personal preference. We didn’t try all the flavors at the time of writing, so our two tasters may have been unfairly critical. That being said, it’s possible that a cartridge exists for us, and maybe even for you too.

Natural Sweeteners in Cirkul

Not only are there no sweeteners or calories in any Cirkul Sips but they’re also calorie-free. Both stevia and sucralose are used as natural sweeteners in Cirkul. Some Cirkul Sips however, are not sweeten in any way. To begin, fill your water bottle up with clean, safe water. The Comfort Grip Lid may then be fasten on. Get out a Cirkul Sip and unwrap your favorite flavor. To use, place the cartridge inside the lid. After that, give it a clockwise twist to tighten it.

Great Options for Looking Healthier

A Cirkul Sip may be used for up to six refills when the temperature is kept at medium. You may have the taste of your favorite fizzy beverages with just eight cartridges, but it will last you as long as thirty-two 12-ounce bottles. In fact Cirkul Sips are great options for anyone looking for healthier and more cost-effective ways to add spice to their lives. There’s a Cirkul Sips flavor for every personality and routine.