MBBS in China Fee Structure 2023

[A Guide For Pakistani Students] MBBS In China 2023

Almost all pre-medical students in Pakistan aspire to be doctors. However, due to high academic standards in Pakistani medical schools and the expensive tuition at private medical schools, they are unable to pursue careers as doctors. I will explain how to apply for MBBS in China Fee Structure 2023 here. You can achieve your goal in this method.

High marks in the matric, intermediate, and entry test are required if you wish to study medicine in Pakistan. More than 200,000 students will take the MDCAT this year.

In Pakistan, there are 108 medical schools in total. Seven students can graduate with a doctorate every year. It indicates a 7% acceptance rate.

You can find detailed information on MBBS in China right here in this page.


You will find detailed instructions on why you should pursue your MBA in China here. This post will cover every detail, including choosing the best medical college, applying for admission, and paying fees.

Whoever has an MBBS degree from Pakistan or China must now take the NLE Exam. The cheapest place to study medicine is in China. Road infrastructure makes it possible to travel by road from Pakistan to China.

Universities in China are recognized by PMC on the Green List

Here is a list of PMC-approved medical schools and institutions in China.

HINA University of Jilin

Medical University of China

Medical University of Dalian

Capital University of Medicine

Medical University of Tianjin

Shandong College

Medical University of Nanjing

Jiangsu College

The Medical University of Wenzhou Medical University of Wenzhou (overseas)

University of Zhejiang

Wuhan College

Jiao Tong University in Xi’an

Southern University of Medicine

Jinan College

Medical University of Guangxi

University of Sichuan

Medical University of Chongqing

Harbin Medical College

Medical University of Jinzhou

Beijing University

University of Ningxia Hebei Medical University

Tongji College

Yangzhou University Shihezi University

University of Nantong University of Ningbo

Fudan University of Medicine

Anhui Medical College

Medical College of Xuzhou

Three Gorges College

Zhengzhou College

Guangzhou University of Medicine

Sun Yat-sen College

Kunming Medical University Shantou University

Southwest Medical School

University of Xiamen

This is a list of China’s accredited medical schools provided by PMC.

DOCUMENTS REQUIRED for the JW202 procedure

Transcripts from high school (10th and 12th results)

Copy of Passport

completed the application

Completed Physical Examination Form Resume Police Character Certificate verified by the foreign office, passport-size photo

$5k in bank statements

comprehensive fee schedule signed by the student and the guardian


After the second-year university fees are paid, a new student entry scholarship worth 7000RMB (154599.43 PKR) will be awarded. This grant is available to all students who have 70% in English and biology and 65% in chemistry and biology.


Here is the full price list for admission to MBA programs in China.

10500 for tuition Hostel Fee 3500 Tuition 14500

Fee for Liaison: 21550 Extension of Visa: 800-Medical-Insurance 800 Registration Fee: 500 Medical Exams; 350 Visa Extensions; 800 Medical Insurance Fee 800

38,000 RMB for the first year (839254 Total Fee)

Fee from the second to the last year: 0 RMB (437295PKR Total Fee). The first-year fee must be paid in full by the student upon arrival; otherwise, the student will have to stay in a hotel until the charge is paid.

The fee will be paid in Chinese Yuan (RMB), although exchange rates could cause that to change to US dollars.

The foregoing rates do not include books, food, or other incidentals. These costs are covered by the students themselves.

Special Remarks

Liaison fees aren’t charged by universities. It is a fee assessed by the entity in charge of your admissions process, and once paid, it is not refundable.

March 2022 intake for Pakistani students seeking admission to the MBBS program in China. The whole guide with the fee structure is available here.

Admission Requirements More than 50% in Physics and Chemistry, 60% in Biology, and English. The maximum age is 25. Students under the age of 17 are not accepted. The student between the ages of 17 and 18 will present a power of attorney that has been certified by the Chinese Embassy.


Send us your academic credentials and a 2000 RMB entrance fee.

We’ll request your letter of admission. You must submit all of the aforementioned paperwork as soon as you receive the admissions letter.

The fee package will include JW202 and a security deposit of 3000RMB; if your visa application is denied by the Chinese embassy, you may submit an original copy of your admission letter and request a refund from JW202 for the security deposit.

Please take note that the 2000 RMB admission charge and courier are non-refundable, non-countable in the fee, and not refundable once they have been paid.


How to Register for MBBS in China

letter of admission student visa (How to Get visa)

a police character reference

certification of academic records

Application for a visa, China flight

Cost of First Year of MBBS in China: Submit Fee Hostel Cost

PMDC Test Instructions (After Completion of your MBBS)


Here is the detailed instructions. How to choose and apply to a medical school in China.

Chinese medical universities search

China does not allow straight MBA applications.

Locate a local Authentic Agent

According to what we know, you can apply directly to any medical school. selection of a trustworthy agency in your city. The agency demands a fee between 5000 and 1000PKR. All MBBS-related issues in China will be handled by an agent.

if you apply using our website, mbbs.com.pk. Our experts will assist you in choosing a medical school in China where you can take the PMC MDCAT 2023 Test. Doctors that just passed the PMC test make up our team. In China, we will assist you with any issue.


This comes after choosing a medical university as the next step. Request a letter of admission and a jww2 form (Student visa). a scanned copy of the following is required.

Passport Size High school diploma with picture and detailed marks sheet

Certificate for Pre-Medical Studies and Detailed Mark Sheet

a scan of your passport

To applying for a visa at the Republic of China embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, you will require the original admission letter provided by your university as well as the student visa application.

Your agent and members of our staff will explain each step to you.


The third step is this. Make a police certificate application. Visit the police station in your area for this. They will walk you through the application for a police certificate. The police station often issues a police certificate within a few days.

You’ve finished the first three steps. Please leave a remark if you have any questions. We will respond to your comment as quickly as we can.


Obtain an attestation for your detailed matric and fsc mark sheets from your individual board of intermediate and secondary education, as well as an attestation from the inter-board chairman in Islamabad.

You can use the TCS service for document attestation.

This was the next action.


The fifth stage is the visa application. Here is some quick information on MBBS visa applications in China. For a visa, you must apply at the embassy. The following papers are required for your visa application.

Certified degrees (Matriculation and Fsc)

Police station issued police character certificate

Entrance Letter (original)

Form Jw2 (student visa form)

A declaration that the guardian of your father will pay for your education

Account Statement


Our neighboring nation is China. A world example is the friendship between Pakistan and China. The advantages for Pakistani students studying in China are numerous. Road travel to China is fairly affordable. Pakistan and China have strong friendships as a result of CPEC. if you choose to pursue an MBA overseas. MBBS in China should be your top priority.

Chinese MBBS programs for Pakistani students


The list of advantages and facilities for Pakistani students attending MBBs in China is shown below.

Every university in China offers MBBS programs in English.

China’s MBBS age restriction is 18 to 24 years old.

Recognized Health organization buzzword

WHO has approved all Chinese universities.

China is known internationally. Worldwide Recognition of MBBS Degree

Tests like the PMC and USMLE are required for practicing as a doctor in this country.

Students in FSc Pre-Medical or O/Level may seek for recognition; a university representative will do so; no medical universities are acknowledged. By PMC


It is necessary to pass the Pakistan Medical Commission test after earning your MBBS in China. PMC after the PMC Test will issue a license has been successfully passed. You are now able to practice medicine in Pakistan.

in China, if you wish to practice. No exam is necessary. if you wish to practice medicine in the United States of America. You must take the USMLE.

Your adventure was over once you passed the Pakistan Medical Commission test, but it wasn’t over yet. now formally your doctor.

Congratulations, Doctor of Right Now if you have any inquiries about the PMC Test. Comment below. I’m delighted to assist you. We don’t charge for assistance. Share this content on social media as a result.

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