Logitech G Pro Headset Mic Not Working

If you are facing difficulties with your Logitech G Pro headset as its mic is not working properly, then this article will provide you with different solutions to fix this issue within minutes.

The Logitech devices are almost every gamer’s delight. The company offers a peripheral for every need that a gaming enthusiast may have. G Pro X microphone is also a part of the gaming series of Logitech devices. It is a gaming headphone that makes the games even more thrilling with its Blue Voice Technology to help you hear the game sounds more clearly. However, recently many users have complained that the Logitech G Pro X microphone not working properly. 

We have investigated the reasons for the same and found some quick and easy methods to fix this problem. Let’s begin by understanding why the microphone of your Logitech G Pro headphone is showing issues while working. This article will help you with some of the most effective and efficient methods that you can implement to get rid of this error easily. But first, let’s check out some common factors that can cause this issue.

Reasons Behind The Logitech Headset Microphone Not Working

Here is a list of reasons because of why the microphone is causing you trouble.

  • Incorrect audio settings
  • The microphone is not set as the default
  • Physical damage or hardware-related issues
  • The audio driver is outdated
  • Microphone access is turned off


Now that we have discussed the main factors causing the mic not working issue on your Logitech headset, it’s time to look at some troubleshooting solutions.

Different Methods To Solve Microphone Issue With The Logitech G Pro

Check out the different fixes shared below in order to resolve the mic not working problem that you are facing while using your Logitech G Pro headphones.

Fix1: Check For Any Physical Damage

Before moving on to the other solutions, first, you should ensure that the headset is not physically damaged. Thus, if the Logitech headset mic is not working properly, then connect it to another computer. If it works fine on the other computer, then move to the other fixes. If it does not work even on the other PC, then you need to contact the manufacturer or take it to a nearby repairing center.

Fix2: Give Microphone Access To Logitech G Pro

Usually, when you connect a new device like a headphone to your computer, it will automatically provide the access to it. However, it may happen that due to some technical error, the headset isn’t allowed to access the microphone for the apps. Therefore, follow the instructions below and they will guide you to turn on the access manually. 

Step1: Click on the Start menu and select the Settings option from the app drawer.

Step2:  Go to the Privacy section, then select the Microphone tab from the left pane.

Step3: Now, enable the toggle switch for both the “Allow access to the microphone on this device” and “Allow apps to access your microphone” sections. 

Step4: If the toggle switches are already turned on, then disable them and then turn them back on. 

Once the process is complete, check to see if performing this helped you fix the working issue with your Logitech headset microphone. If it doesn’t try to update the audio drivers.

Fix3: Update Logitech Audio Drivers Using Device Manager

Windows provides an integrated service called the Device Manager that allows you to monitor and manage all the devices connected to your system. You can also use this utility to update the Logitech headset drivers for free.

Step1: Right-click on the Windows icon on your screen to open the Start menu’s context list.

Step2: Go with the Device Manager option from that list and it will open its separate window.

Step3: Over there, expand the “Sound, video, and game controllers” category.

Step4: Now, double-click on the Logitech G Pro headset driver in order to open the Properties window.

Step5: Then, select the Drivers tab from the top of the Properties window.

Step6: Choose the Update Driver option to proceed further.

Step7: A new window will pop up on your screen, click on the “Search automatically for drivers” option to start the updating process.

Step8: Let your system search online for new updated drivers. Then, follow the setup wizard instructions to complete the installation process properly.

Once you are done with the driver update process, reboot the computer and check if the microphone not working issue is gone or not. If not, try to troubleshoot the problem with Windows tools.

Fix4: Use Windows Troubleshooter

This Windows tool is one of the most useful tools to fix any kind of problem with your computer. With the help of this tool, you can find the reason causing the problem and the best solution for it. Follow the instructions shared below in order to use the Windows troubleshooter.

Step1: Search for the Troubleshoot settings in the taskbar.

Step2: Then, select the Additional troubleshooter button.

Step3: Expand the Speech section and Run the troubleshooter.

Step4: Wait for some time, then by following the steps on screen, complete the process.

After finishing the troubleshooting, restart your computer and it will fix the Logitech headphone mic not working problem.


Through this article, we helped our readers solve the Logitech G Pro X microphone not working problem. We have provided a number of ways to solve the issue. If you know about any other better methods to troubleshoot the problem, then use the comment box to enlighten us.

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