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My most recent conversation with a Dubai  laptop repair shop employee was quite enterprising. The Dubai laptop repair  specialists provided me a great deal of information throughout the encounter. They gave me a lot of insider information on maintaining and repairing laptops. Some of which I talked about in an earlier essay.laptop repair sharjah


As the article’s title, Laptop Rapture, implied, it dealt with problems relating to laptop screens, which annoy quite a few people. But, a defective laptop screen does not annoy as many people as a laptop that freezes. The advice about laptop freezing were a logical choice for this post.


Why laptop freezes?

Fan speed and overheating

Every time you remove your laptop from its case, you expose it to dust, dirt, humidity, and a number of other things that clog the laptop’s built-in cooling fan and prevent it from rotating. Your laptop will suddenly and unexpectedly freeze as a result of overheating.


The most frequent cause of freezing in both laptops and desktops is a clogged cooling fan. Once the fan has been cleaned, the freezing problem is fixed. In contrast to a desktop CPU, cleaning a laptop’s fan is far more challenging because it is more difficult to completely open a laptop.


To get the clog to come out, try blowing into the fan vent from one side. Instead, a compact dryer will work. But under no circumstances, if you are not skilled in doing so, would I advise you to open the laptop’s skull. If blowing does not fix the issue, take your laptop to a laptop repair facility.

Insufficient RAM

Random Access Memory, sometimes known as RAM, is essential to your laptop’s smooth operation. Less RAM-equipped laptops frequently stop, especially when one or more of the following situations take place:

There are too many programmes operating at once.


Too many background services are active.

There are too many starter items.

Programs that were released months after you bought your machine are currently running on it.

running two or more memory-intensive, resource-intensive heavy apps.


Each of the conditions mentioned above has the potential to completely freeze your laptop. Then, the only thing that would change is a restart. The obvious and permanent remedy to this issue is to upgrade your RAM, however this does not always provide an immediate fix.


Imagine your laptop freezing when you are in the middle of something. Will you immediately head to a computer repair business or will you attempt a temporary remedy in order to finish your work?


You should thus select Run from the start menu as an instant fix. Now enter “f2help” into the box. Navigate to the Services tab and disable any undesirable background services that are running. Go to the Startup tab now and deselect all unwanted items from running in the background and starting up with Windows. In the Run box,  to halt undesirable services.


You should refrain from running software released months after you purchased your laptop to keep it from freezing. It can call for a more sophisticated system than what was on the market when you made your purchase.


Finding a good laptop repair shop in Dubai

The largest urban area in the entire European Union is Dubai, historically known as Condominium by the Romans. The history, art, culture, and commerce of this multi ethnic metropolis are extensive. The city, together with Dubai, is the greatest financial hub in the globe and has the highest city GDP in all of Dubai . Because of all of this, there is an enormous need for computers, and everywhere there are computers, there is a chance of a malfunction.


As a result, if your laptop computer breaks down, you won’t need to search every street in town for a reputable laptop computer repair shop. Simply type in search terms like British PC repairs and Laptop repair shop in sarjha to find what you’re looking for. Find a decent laptop repair shop in and near London by trying other variations.045864033

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