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March 07, 2023/New Delhi/PRNews/- As India’s preeminent cloud-based business communication solutions provider, Knowlarity has solidified its position in the industry with an array of intelligent solutions, such as cloud contact centers, virtual phone numbers, and IVRs. By refining communication channels, Knowlarity has enabled organizations to overcome dynamic communication challenges and exceed customer expectations.

Of all the cloud telephony solutions on offer, Virtual Numbers have garnered the most traction, thanks to their unparalleled flexibility and benefits for business phone calls. Knowlarity’s Virtual phone Number, a cloud-based solution, addresses a broad spectrum of work-related issues, making it an indispensable tool for businesses of all sizes. By establishing a specialized contact channel, businesses can expand their customer base, boost sales, and elevate customer service standards, gaining a competitive edge.

Knowlarity’s virtual number comes equipped with features like smart call routing, recording, tracking, seamless CRM integration, and 99.9% uptime assurance. With a centralized virtual number and local numbers with specified area code, businesses can efficiently meet their communication needs. Furthermore, virtual phone numbers with IVR integration promote cost-effectiveness, productivity, and conversion rates through centralized business communication. It also fosters mobility and remote-work possibilities, which can bolster workforce productivity.

Virtual number for business offers it the potential to broaden its clientele and enhance the bottom line by seamlessly handling a vast volume of customer calls. Knowlarity’s cloud-based phone number helps monitor all incoming calls and offers detailed call insights that can improve decision-making and amplify productivity. Virtual phone numbers are not tethered to any infrastructure and do not necessitate encrypted devices, making them cost-effective and indispensable for both hybrid and remote workplaces.

Virtual Indian numbers are a state-of-the-art solution that streamlines business communications while offering an improved customer experience with no compromises on reliability, security, or privacy. Their demand has skyrocketed in recent years, with a growing number of enterprises using them. Using virtual numbers bestows businesses with a sense of authenticity and professionalism, as well as flexibility and scalability, enabling them to track and measure call analytics to deliver superior customer experiences and enhance their services. Knowlarity offers different types of virtual numbers for you to choose from as per your business requirements. These include: local numbers, toll-free numbers, landline numbers, international toll-free numbers and more.

About Knowlarity:

Knowlarity is a leading cloud-based business communication solutions provider in India. We have come a long way – from Cloud Telephony to AI-powered Speech Analytics and Video Communication. Our innovative solutions enable data-driven decisions for improved ROI and business growth. With 6000+ customers in 65+ countries, we help businesses realize the potential of cloud-based communication. Our team of 300+ ensures reliability and intelligence in business communication via voice, video, and AI-enabled ChatBots/VoiceBots. Stay ahead of the curve with us! For more information, please visit

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