The Bolt EUV has been well-received by the people and thus, lead to its ample demand. Loaded with tech, this electric vehicle offers more than what people might imagine before they get a look at it by visiting Prescott Area Chevrolet dealer. Thus, before visiting a Chevy dealership, you need to know more about the 2023 version of Bolt EUV.

Know more about this car

There are numerous aspects that people should know when buying this vehicle. However, the three main things to know are:


There is only one powertrain for all the variants of Bolt EUV. This car is equipped with an electric motor that generates 200 horses. Also, FWD is the only setup available for now. The immediate power delivery is what leads to its instant acceleration; thanks to its supreme electric motor.

Also, it has a regenerative braking system that permits one-pedal drive and it aids in capturing energy, which leads to a longer range of this vehicle. It takes 6.8 seconds to reach 0-60 mph, making it one of the quickest in this segment. Comfortable ride, competent handling, etc. is what people will enjoy irrespective of road condition.

The battery pack that offers energy is of 65-kWh, which makes it provide a range of 247 miles; it is at par with other electric cars. People can charge this vehicle using a standard household outlet of 120-volt; however, most buyers prefer to get the 240-volt for their home so that this vehicle can quickly charge. Apart from these, people can charge this car using a fast-charging DC station. According to Chevrolet, fast charging for 30 minutes will add a range of 95 miles.

Interior structure

Nicely trimmed and stylish is how you can describe the cabin of Bolt EUV. Gear selection using buttons and a steering wheel with flat bottom has been made standard for all versions. Also, its upholstery comes with a geometric pattern design that enhances the interior setup of this vehicle.

Moreover, the EUV version of Bolt is wide, taller, and longer than its regular counterpart; hence, the EUV trim offers more space for its rear passenger to sit comfortably.  In addition, this extra space offers more place for carry-ons and other luggage than the gas-powered counterpart.

Tech features include a digitized gauge screen, an infotainment touchscreen of 10.2 inches, climate control, etc. are all standard features. Other features include Wi-Fi hotspots, Amazon’s Alexa, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and more. To check out all the features and interior structure, visit Chevrolet dealer serving Prescott instantly.


LT and Premier are the two available trims of the Bolt EUV model. The first one costs $28,795 and the latter costs $33,295. It will depend on people which one they would buy as both offer great performance. People looking to enjoy loaded features along with certain luxurious aspects will have to opt for its Premier model.

Knowing about the powertrain, interior, and price tag of the 2023 Bolt EUV means you know everything there is to know about this EV. Hence, you need to just go to a dealership and choose a unit according to your satisfaction.

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