ISTQB Foundation

Developers can pass tests in a variety of categories and at different levels. For QAs, however, I came across only one kind of certification the ISTQB Foundation.

Three levels are foundation, advanced and expert. The final stage is to become a specialist in Test Management, Improving the testing procedure and Test Automation Security Testing. I will include all important links in the article. Based on my preparation for the Foundation level ISTQB Foundation exam, I’ve identified some key strategies that helped me achieve exam success.

First, I chose “I want to pass this exam.” The reason was to enhance my theoretical understanding of testing. It’s a personal goal, and it’s amazing to have a certification.

Software for Quality Assurance

I found a quality-assurance testing company that offers software and received assistance from my supervisors. I even encouraged 2 QAs from our organization to get started on preparation. The way to prepare was this The meeting was held every two weeks in which we discussed chapters of books, solved mock tests and clarified the confusion. Each meeting was attended by one of us who served as moderator. Additionally, this group preparation is one of our motivations and it was a bit uncomfortable to admit that you need to prepare for a meeting.

We chose two free sources Syllabus from the ISTQB Foundation website and “The Foundation of software testing.” I could read at least one page from the book and also passed mock tests with my Android daily. Sometimes, I took breaks for a few days. Also, I came across a paid video course on the Udemy website. It was extremely useful in organizing the information for the final course.

When I was done reading the two volumes, and was able to rest for a couple of weeks and decided to pass the test by the close of the month. I decided to take the exam on a specific day to take the test, paid on the spot, and planned my preparation for each day leading up to the test. I planned to devote 2-3 days to each chapter and one week to review every course. However, as is the norm, only 1 or 2 days were left to review.

Punishment and Encouragement

During preparation, I devised a plan of encouragement and punishments for myself. This was like “I can read a new chapter of my favorite book after one chapter of Foundation,” or if I switched to more enjoyable things, The most powerful motivation is to cover the cost of an exam. There needs to be a way out following the exam. It worked well for me.

After reading some sections of the chapter that needed to be more obvious even after having read it five times, I sought help from my fellow students. We were able to find answers to my questions.

About Exam

I paid for my exam three weeks before the date I was due to using the Prometric services (find the link at the end of this article). The day before the test, I went into the Certification Centre and Microsoft Training, filled out an application form on paper, and then headed into the exam room. There was a computer up, and the test software was open and on the table was an unfinished piece of paper as well as a pencil. The exam had 40 different questions. Four answers in different variations and only one was right. I had an hour available. If you’re unsure of the answer, mark the question and then revisit the question. I did that for a couple of questions.

About Questions

There were no questions I saw in the mock tests. Then, some questions were randomly asked. I took about 45 minutes to complete the test. But I received the results instantly. I received an exam paper with the Prometric stamp. It stated that I had successfully passed the exam. The actual certificate was delivered three weeks after I passed the test through the mail.

Thus, I worked on the preparation for five months, including breaks. But I studied Foundation as well as Syllabus twice. I took online courses before taking the test. I have passed many mock tests. There are plenty of them available on the Internet. In addition, I’ve installed the Test Competence application for my Android one. It’s a very useful application.


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