digital mammography

Digital mammography is one of the common screening methods for breast this method, X-rays are used for scanning a woman’s breasts. The images got from the X-ray will be checked for any irregularities. Doctors may also look out for any changes from tests done previously.

Why has digital mammography become necessary?

Mammography is vital for screening a deadly disease like breast cancer in the initial stages. With the help of digital mammography, the radiologists are able to capture as well as modify the images so that any irregularities may be seen in an easy way. This procedure is generally performed in the same manner as a standard mammogram. However, unlike in the case of a standard mammography, digital mammography will utilize computer-based electronic conductors for displaying an image of the insides of the breast for clear and also the most accurate images, which will lead to a correct diagnosis. The radiologists can then review the images received and discuss the findings with the patients. If there is a need for any additional evaluation, treatment, or biopsy according to the doctor, it will be good to schedule it on the same day or maximum within a week from the mammography. Ultrasound and MRI equipment are also performed for the assessment of any abnormal masses.

Do women feel pain during digital mammography?

Any pain or uneasiness felt during the digital mammography process will vary in different kinds of patients. Some women can experience a little uneasiness. This is because of the compression that is applied to the breast during the process. However, most women won’t have any issues.

Any uneasiness that women can feel will be as per the following –

  • The size of a woman’s breasts.
  • When the exam is conducted according to the woman’s menstrual cycle.
  • How capable the technician is and how the breast is arranged.

It will be better if women can ask the technician about the whole procedure in detail and get clarity about any doubts that they may have before the actual imaging begins. The technician will explain in detail what to expect in the digital mammography process as well as why compression is essential which will help to put women at ease and make them relaxed before the procedure. In case there is any pain felt during the exam, the technician should try varied positions for reducing the discomfort.

What is the typical full body checkup price in Gurgaon?

The full body checkup price in Gurgaon can be from Rs 1000/- and may also go up to Rs 20000/-.  This will usually depend on the diagnostic centres as well as the health package that has been taken. A full body health checkup will include a variety of tests like Kidney and liver function, Thyroid, CBC, Urine tests, Diabetes, etc. Many of the full body health checkups in Gurgaon are performed on the basis of blood samples that are collected from the patients. A person will come and collect blood samples from the doorstep of the patient. The results are available after a couple of hours on the same day or on the next day usually. Let us see how a full body health checkup help individuals –

  • Guarding the health of an individual – Unearthing any health issues in the initial stage itself can help in effectively managing and safeguarding a person’s health in an efficient way.
  • People become fully aware of their health situation – A full body health checkups in Gurgaon that is performed regularly every year will let people become more aware and understand their health condition in a better manner. 
  • Early discovery of illnesses – With the help of regular health checkups, even the deadly diseases can be uncovered in their initial stages or before the emergence of any signs and symptoms in so-called healthy people.
  • Better management of a person’s health – A health checkup that is performed regularly will result in the timely discovery as well as finally, much better management of a person’s health.

Make sure to select the best health checkups in Gurgaon according to your budget and requirements after carefully analysing the full body checkup price in Gurgaon.


Women who can bear the compression of the mammogram will not have pain or discomfort as compared to the standard mammography. Digital Mammography is an extremely essential procedure for the screening of breast cancer and women should go for it at least once in a year.

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