Thanks to the internet, you can borrow money safely and at affordable interest rates.

Have you ever stopped to think about the reasons that lead a person to think about whether it is safe to take out a loan online or even choose to do so?

According to the Credit Protection Service (SPC), most Brazilians ask for money at the bank to pay their debts.

What does that mean? That the loan money will be used to pay late credit card bills, IPTU, electricity, water, internet bills, in addition to a bunch of slips that arrive non-stop.

As much as we try not to stop paying anything, it seems that the salary is never enough for so many debts.

Those who have children feel this even more in their skin. Expenses with school and courses end up compromising a good part of our money.

Of course, not everyone borrows to solve problems.

There are people who use the money to buy a car, make a down payment on a house or apartment or even travel. 

If you want to take out a loan-to-value ratio, either to pay bills or buy something, you must have noticed that there are a lot of banks that offer this service, right? 

One of them is the online loan, which ends up generating distrust of those who think it is not safe. Do you know how it works? People will tell you later.

Why is this type of loan easier?

Going to the bank to apply for a loan is a lot of work and takes a good part of our time.

You will have to miss a day of work to separate documents and wait hours for service. 

Not to mention that you still run the risk of not getting the money because the bank simply did not approve your request.

Another thing: even if the loan is approved, the money may be less than you needed. 

After all this fuss, you still have to wait a few days for the money to enter your account.

That is, there is so much bureaucracy that we get tired just thinking about it.

It is precisely to solve these problems that the online loan was created. 

You just need to have internet access to order anytime without interrupting your work or leaving your home. 

Advantages of this type of loan

Cost-effectiveness is one of the main advantages of this type of service. 

Attractive interest rates: As it is a service with low investment in infrastructure, the online loan has lower interest rates compared to the conventional loan. 

Effective quotation: The automation of processes considerably reduces bureaucracy, which interferes with more agile and efficient operations.

At Bom Pra Crédito, in a few minutes, depending on your financial profile, you receive proposals from the main financial institutions in the country and you can compare rates and prices with more peace of mind. 

Agility in receiving money: The approval of your credit is done in a timely manner.

In a few days, the money you requested will be transferred to the bank account you provided when registering.

Ease of the process: You don’t need to understand everything about the internet to apply for a loan online. The Bom Pra Crédito website offers all the information in an easy and peaceful way.

Is it safe to borrow online?

Reliable digital loan companies have very secure websites. This means that you will be able to fill in all the forms and enter information about your personal and bank details easily.

But security isn’t just about you. The company also needs to know that what you have provided is correct.

That’s why she works with what we call data validation, that is, she will analyze everything to find out what your profile is. 

How to know if the loan company is reliable?

Serious companies like Bom Pra Crédito have several elements that guarantee the security, transparency and ease of all stages of the process. Check out what they are: 

Secure site: Check if the company’s page works with data and user protection certificates. To do this, just look for the padlock figure, which is right at the beginning of the website address.  

By clicking on it, a small window will open. Make sure it says “secure connection” at the top. Below that sentence, there should be a sentence that indicates that the certificate is valid. 

Legality of the process: No loan company can charge payments to release the credit. Therefore, never make deposits, pay slips or transfer money to ensure the acquisition of money. This type of operation is illegal and is characterized as fraud.

Clarity in the contract: All transaction costs, interest rates, number of installments and other services must be described in detail in the contract.

Read it carefully before signing and make sure what was discussed is properly documented. 

Remember that the contract is a document that ensures that the negotiation is fulfilled by you and the company.

If any clause or term generates doubt, request the help of a lawyer. 

It is your right to access the value of the CET (Total Effective Cost). It concerns all loan costs, including interest rates and other charges that will be included in the installment. 

Transparency policies: A company that offers an online loan must provide data related to the CNPJ, company name, communication channels, fixed address and description of its main activities.

Commitment: Thanks to the internet, it is possible to know what people are saying about the company.

A serious institution does not let its customers down, it will solve problems, doubts and complaints with professionalism and respect.

Authorization to offer a loan: Some sites may offer a loan in partnership with a variety of banks and financial institutions.

To find out if the company is really a bank correspondent for the financial institution, just do a search on the Central Bank website or call the number 145. 

Consistent offers: You must know how interest rates are calculated in order not to fall into possible scams.

Doubt companies that offer interest rates far below the market, very long terms or very high amounts for personal loans. 

Credit analysis: Reliable companies do credit analysis before releasing the money.

This means that they will do a search to find out about your profile, and analyze whether your name is negative, for example.

Do the digital loan simulation now and have access to the best values ​​and conditions on the market

Now that you know that it is safe to take out a loan online , as long as you take the precautions presented in this article, 

Our search system will ensure that you find the conditions and interest rates that best suit your needs and profile.

Take advantage of all the advantages of this service to get the money you need in complete safety and peace of mind. 

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