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Dubai Digital Marketing Training Program

There are a tonne of job openings for people with digital marketing skills, but there aren’t enough suitable candidates to fill them. Nlptech offers Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and SEO training among other digital marketing courses. In actuality, this course combines thorough social media marketing training with an Internet Marketing Training in Dubai. With the thorough Digital Marketing Course from NLPtech International, you may get knowledge of the fundamentals of social media. Course on Social Media Marketing

Overview of the Course in Digital Marketing

There are tons of job openings for employees with digital marketing skills, but not enough competent candidates to fill them. Nlptech offers a digital marketing course; see our curriculum/modules include Google Analytics training, social media training, email marketing training, Google Adwords training, and SEO training. With the help of a blended program and a social media marketing course, you may study the fundamentals of digital marketing at Nlptech.

In order to assist you to demonstrate your proficiency in this continuously expanding industry, our digital marketing course in Dubai has been developed with the UAE’s job market at the forefront of our minds. If you compare Nlptech’s Program to other Digital Marketing training courses in Dubai, it is more useful and career-focused.

Learn digital marketing in Dubai and create a plan to increase sales for your company. how to earn money with pay per click

Learning Results from Training in Digital Marketing

Get a strong foundation in all facets of digital marketing with the Program combined with a social media marketing course.

Learn how to determine your target audience and the appropriate tone for your marketing message.

Learn effective measurement techniques, and become familiar with the range of measurement tools you’ll come across.

Create material that will help your business educate potential customers, establish your organization as a thought leader, and increase its credibility.

the fundamentals of search engine optimization so that your company receives a larger share of traffic from relevant business-related searches.

Learn how to properly convey your company’s message on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms to grow your business.

Market to customers based on the distinctive information they disclose in their public profiles.

Improve conversion to increase audience engagement, purchases, or revenue.

Gain expertise in email marketing to make your emails one of the few that are actually opened.

Course in Digital Marketing

Any of the Dubai digital marketing courses you may enroll in will give you a distinct advantage over the competition if you attend our course. Live online sessions, inbound marketing strategies, case studies, training courses, and landing page optimization are some of the services we provide.

Who requires a course in digital marketing?

The importance of SEO training, Google Adwords training, social media training, email marketing training, and Google Analytics training has increased recently as the marketing landscape changes. Our digital marketing course focuses on market demands.

Sales and marketing experts

Entrepreneurs New Graduates

graphic artists

graduates in IT or engineering

Complete Course Content

Nlptech provides the greatest academic and practical training in digital marketing, which will help you find the answers to the questions below.

How can I begin home-based digital marketing?

Why is digital marketing vital and what does it entail?

What advantages can digital marketing offer?

You choose digital marketing for what reasons?

Performing Digital Marketing

How can I engage in digital marketing?

What about digital marketing should I learn first?

Is a job in digital marketing worthwhile?

Overview of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing: What is it?

Typical industries where one can find opportunities in digital marketing

Typical entry-level positions in digital marketing

Marketing Foundations

Introduction to the Course in Digital Marketing

An introduction to the funnel for acquiring customers

Marketing for retention versus acquisition

Channels versus campaigns

client profiles

Designing a value proposition Positioning

Metrics and Measurement

integrating your measurement plan with your customer acquisition process

Best practices for measuring approach and “closing the loop”

Tools for measurement and the state of technology

a description of typical marketing metrics


Content Promotion

relating content to the process of acquiring customers

Content formats

Quantity versus quality

metrics for content marketing

tech for content marketing

Optimization for search engines (SEO)

Relevance: Google has good intentions.

picking up keywords

Link creation

On-page technical SEO

Outbound SEO

Regional SEO

technological SEO

Use of social media (SMM)

Utilizing social media as a distribution channel

widely used social media channels

Choosing your objectives for each social media platform

metrics for social media

Technology for social media management

Ads on social media

Paid Search in Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Adwords on Google

Keyword analysis and forms of keyword matches

Campaign organization and naming customs

CPC optimization and bidding

Pay-per-click metrics

Paid Social Networking

platforms for paid social advertising (landscape)

Options for audience definition and targeting

supportable ad formats


monetary social metrics

Conversion Rate Improvement (CRO)

Enhancements to the user experience and design

Multivariate and A/B testing

metric CRO

Technology CRO

Email Promotion

emails sent in bulk

email drip campaigns

Creating email subject lines and language that is compelling to increase open rates

metrics for email marketing

using email marketing

A Different Digital Channel

Reputation management online


Affiliate promotion

Using referrals

Using influencers

Display advertisements

Module-wise Course Content:

Introduction to digital marketing

Why use digital marketing?

Digital marketing elements

Market division

Basics of SEO

What to do first

An Overview of Search Engines

Internet revolution

introduction to on-page elements

Different Keywords

keyword analysis

SEO-optimized content strategies

SEO Audit software

beginning of Off-page SEO

rate of engagement

optimization for search results

Return links

Anchors \sCitations

Domain Authority and Age

Optional hosts

design improvement

Module 2: Administration and configuration of Google Analytics

Audience \sAcquisition \sBehavior

Conversions \sReports

Administration and setup of Google Ads

Google Ads

Display Ads

Planning your keywords Bidding techniques

Affinity Groups Geotargeting

monitoring conversions

Module 3: Social Media Branding Overview

Strategies for Defining Audience Engagement

Unpaid Posts Paid content

Facebook \sInstagram \sLinkedIn


Blogging \sScheduling \sReporting

Email Promotion

Modules on the Foundations of Digital Marketing

Overview of Module 1: Introduction to the Digital Garage

Digital Opportunity for You


Increasing your internet visibility

promoting your web presence

Study and Adapt

Module 3: Establish your Online Presence

selecting a web presence

Website operation

Important website components

Website and your company’s objectives

Make your website user-friendly.

Dos and Don’ts of Website Design

Module 4: Planning Your Digital Business

The advantages of a web strategy

Internet business operations

Recognizing consumer behavior

How to be distinctive among the crowd

Setting goals will help your company operate better.

Module 5: Begin Using a Search Engine

Basics of search engines

workings of search engines

how the web is viewed by search engines

Organic search is described.

Explanation of paid search

Search Console for Google

Module 6: Use search to become more visible

Search engine optimization overview (SEO)

The significance of an SEO strategy

The SEO method

Tips for selecting keywords

Setting sensible SEO objectives

Make search work for you using module 7

making your website’s pages searchable

How to use other websites to your advantage

Expand your reach with SEO

Module 8: Use search ads to stand out

Search engine marketing overview (SEM)

SEM’s auction

How to choose a good keyword

Make your ads distinctive.

Make your ads distinctive.

Module 9: Boost your search engine marketing

Ensure relevance through sound phrasing

maximize the use of your keyword

Adjust with different keyword match types

How to determine what’s effective and what isn’t Module 10: Gain local attention

promoting to the community

The influence of regional directories

Module 11 Make it easier for locals to find you online

Digital advertising for regional marketing

getting locals’ mobile phones

SEO for regional companies

Module 12: Use social media to stand out

Basics of social media

your ideal social media platforms

Choosing your social media objectives

joining a social media site

Module 13: An in-depth look at social media

A long-term strategy for social media

using social media to advertise

Measuring success in social media

Avoiding social media pitfalls

Module 14 Discover the possibilities of mobile

The evolution of mobile devices

Understanding mobile web and mobile apps

Understanding mobile apps

Module 15 Make mobile work for you

Introduction for advertising on mobile

Search campaigns for mobile

Display campaigns for mobile

Social media campaigns for mobile

Video for mobile

Modules 16 Get started with content marketing

Intro to content marketing

Get to know your online customers

Choosing the right format for your content \ writing for online audiences

Help your content be seen

Measuring your success in content marketing

Module 17 Connect through email

Email marketing basics

Your email marketing options

Crafting great marketing emails

Managing successful email campaigns

Measuring success in email marketing

Module 18 Advertise on other websites

What is display advertising?

Search advertising vs. display advertising

The ins and outs of display advertising

Module 19 Deep dive into display advertising

Making display ads meet your goals

Understanding ad networks

How retargeting works

Module 20 Make the most of the video

The rise of online video \sHow video fits into your online strategy

Creating video content within your budget

Sharing and promoting your videos

Advertising on video-sharing sites

Measuring video performance Module 21 Get started with analytics

What is web analytics?

Making web analytics work for you

Tracking specific goals with web analytics Module 22 Find success with analytics

Web analytics and organic search

Tools to measure SEM

Breaking down your data for insights Module 23 Turn data into insights

Using data to understand audiences

Understanding the Data Cycle

Creating actionable insights from your data

Managing numbers using spreadsheets

Presenting data effectively

Module 24 Build your online shop

Using e-commerce to sell

Taking payments and managing orders

Module 25 Sell more online

Creating a smooth e-commerce experience

Product promotion and merchandising

Retargeting for e-commerce

Module 26 Expand internationally

Introduction to international marketing and export

Validating your new market

Being understood abroad

Advertise across borders

The support systems you will need

Helping customers abroad buy your products

Delivering to customers across through world

Practical-oriented SEO training, Google Adwords Training, and Google Analytics Training is not all we have, our Social Media Marketing Course supplements what is actually needed to hit the Job.

Digital Marketing Course Material

Digital marketing course material and Social Media Marketing Course Material is very elaborate and customized to meet today’s Job /market demands.

Digital Marketing Certification

Our Digital Marketing course and Social Media Marketing course are Recognized by the American Institute of Business Management, USA. to know authorized partner click here

Why is this the best Digital Marketing Course in Dubai?

We are conducting one of the most practical-oriented Digital Marketing courses in Dubai unparallel to any of the Digital Marketing Courses offered in the Market.

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