A reminder of the era of industrialization and the factories of the 19th and 20th centuries, the industrial style has gradually made a place for itself in the hearts of decorators, designers and decoration enthusiasts. This style takes its roots in this time when machines take a big place in the life of man. Distinguishing itself from loft and workshop atmospheres, it relies on raw finishes, recycled elements, vintage shapes as well as robust furniture with clean and distinguished lines.. Brilliantly associated, all these accessories, decorative objects and industrial-inspired furniture blend into any room of the house for a successful layout. From the choice of materials to colors, through lighting, furniture and decorations, let’s discover in more detail industrial design and the different ways to adopt it well in a trendy interior!

In general, the industrial style favors neutral colors, such as black, brown or gray. Sober tones that combine wonderfully with lighter colors such as white, off-white or beige. Note that the aged and deliberately damaged finishes are a classic of an industrial decoration, to give the impression of a piece of furniture that has lived and which keeps the traces of its ancient history.. A boon to give character to an interior layout! Because he likes raw materials such as wood, he is inseparable from the different shades of wood color, ranging from the lightest (beech, oak) to the darkest, like the color wenge. The industrial style can also dare a little fantasy and pep through brighter colors. This is particularly the case of brick red, copper or why not yellow which perfectly complement this color palette.

The star materials of the industrial style

For a spirit that is both urban and factory, inspired by old factories, we favor robust materials, capable of resisting over time. The beautiful part is also made with authentic and raw materials and finishes.


Of course, wood, whatever the species (oak, beech, exotic wood, etc.), will work wonders in an industrial urban interior. Thanks to its qualities of robustness, but also of raw and authentic aesthetics, solid wood furniture is highly sought after in the industrial world.


Metal is undoubtedly the most used material in the industrial style. Steel, stainless steel, iron, cast iron, aluminium, these different alloys lend themselves perfectly to a workshop atmosphere. And what about the combination of wood and metal which is unavoidable.


Flagship material for a New York loft atmosphere, brick never goes out of fashion. A red brick wall is a reminder of warehouses and workers’ houses, it will always look great in an interior.

Reclaimed wood

Reclaimed woods like recycled teak are synonymous with character and charm. If recycled wooden furniture is so popular in an industrial world, it is thanks to its worn and unique appearance, which testifies to a past history.

Polished concrete

Polished concrete is making a name for itself in the development of industrial interiors. Trendy, its raw and refined look makes it a flagship coating for the floors and walls of living rooms, stairs or kitchens.


Ideal for bringing sobriety, authenticity and chic to a loft interior, leather is also king, especially if it is black or brown. Here, nothing is more beautiful than a Chesterfield sofa or a beautiful brown Club armchair.

Industrial style in the house

In the living room

Central room, the living room is the place where the possibilities of development are the most numerous. Ideas flow, and we often have a lot of decorating desires. Putting harmony is then important to have a coherent rendering. For an industrial style in the living room, attention is paid to the smallest details. On the decorative side, black metal lights are a good start. Vintage decorative objects can also be placed on shelves or trays for a flea market-like atmosphere. We continue with an elegant black or brown leather corner sofa to consider a cozy corner. Regarding industrial style furniture, black metal alone or associated with wood is a wise choice for the TV cabinet, the coffee table or the bookcase. Check for more at Homary! Trendy and inventive, the furniture on casters is distinguished by its ability to evoke the machine mechanisms of the time, perfectly suited for an industrial interior.

For an industrial-influenced decor in the dining room, the focus should be on the dining table. It is after all the friendly place par excellence, the one where we share both daily meals and more occasional moments when receiving guests. An oak and black metal dining table is a great example of an industrial layout.

The black metal base is inspired by the manufactured look while the wooden top brings out the authenticity of this raw material. Place a beautiful metal suspension above it for an air of an artist’s studio in the dining room. Chairs with a steel frame or leather seat and back cover are also a nice decorative asset. As for storage, the kitchen and the dining room are accompanied by traditional buffets and dressers. And why not opt ​​for slightly more original furniture that specifically recalls this ancient era. This is particularly the case for trade furniture or the seed box which, with its drawers and shell handles in zinc or copper, brings a vintage atmosphere.

In the bedroom

Unlike the living room and the kitchen where the decor and furniture can be multiplied for a workshop atmosphere, the bedroom requires a slightly simpler decor. This is all the more the case when there is a lack of available space in this room. For an industrial style in the bedroom, nothing better than a bed that mixes a black or chrome metal frame with a wooden frame..

The headboard is also a decorative element to consider. In leather or quilted, it gives relief to the decoration provided it remains in the usual tones of the workshop loft spirit. For the wardrobe and chest of drawers, the goal is to opt for simplicity and consistency. Metal feet and a wood-coloured structure for a flawless match with the rest of the bedroom. A small leather armchair in the corner of the room and a trunk at the end of the bed can finalize the layout by adding this industrial note.

In the office

The office room can also adopt the industrial spirit. Proof of this is the different original-looking office models that rely on practical, clever and slightly retro storage. One inevitably thinks of architects’ desks with their lift-up top, of desks on trestles for an artists’ studio atmosphere or of a postal sorting desk with its multiple storage lockers. There are no secrets here on the materials, wood and metal are the best possible combination. A bookcase with open wooden shelves fixed on a metal frame tastefully completes the arrangement.

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