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If you have decided to become an MOT technician, some courses can help you. From learning to become an MOT tester to a manager, you can choose the program. Apart from selecting a team of friendly trainers and service enthusiasts, there is more that you should know.

But do you have a full UK driving license and experience repairing and servicing vehicles? A few criteria must match for you to pursue your MOT training course. An MOT test is crucial from a rider’s perspective as it can sometimes prove life-saving. 

Few Eligibility Criteria 

  • You must have a full UK driving license for the vehicle class you are interested in.
  • A minimum of four years of experience repairing and servicing the interested vehicle class. 
  • Good skills in reading and writing English.
  • It would help if you did not have convictions for criminal offenses in Motor Trade or involvement in violence. 

Training Courses 

You must know the different courses available to become an MOT expert. The purpose of each course will be different. For example, a Level 3 Technician course will help you excel in steering, suspension, vehicle electrics, emission systems, vehicle appraisal, braking systems, etc. 

Hybrid vehicle training will help you ensure a safe workplace and staff security. The training will include working on an HEV, repairing high-voltage vehicles, removing and replacing components, reducing risk, etc. 

If your goal is operating beyond as a technician, you can opt for the MOT test centre management course. It will teach about the legal and compliance requirements that must be taken care of, excelling in customer service, record keeping, maintaining the facility, etc. 

To become an MOT expert in Northampton, enroll yourself in appropriate training from a reputable facility. Choose the course that best fits your requirement and fulfils your goals. 

MOT Routine 

An MOT tester will inspect each part and ensure it’s perfect. Elements like vehicle structure, brakes, lights, steering, horn, bonnet catch, mirrors, seat, tyres, doors, instrument panel, etc., will be tested during the routine.

In the case of the fuel system, the vehicle will be checked for fuel leaks. The tester will ensure the fuel filler cap is secured well. An insecure exhaust system will result in vehicle failure. An MOT expert will check the system using special devices based on the vehicle’s date.

A bonnet that cannot be secured safely in a closing position can be another reason for failure. A comprehensive MOT check will ensure the vehicle is safe to drive. 

Why Is MOT Testing Important For Your Car? 

Ministry of Transport Tests or MOT is a vital part of vehicle ownership. A routine check ensures that the vehicle is safe and worthy to be used on the road. These are annual tests and are part of legal requirements.

However, one must understand that MOT and servicing are distinct. An MOT is a visual test the vehicle must pass, or it will be denied for road usage. At the same time, servicing is recommended via the car manufacturer, while MOT is government-centric. 

The test checks done by an MOT expert in Northampton will ensure your car is functioning well. So, pay attention to the signs and contact an MOT test centre for details.

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Final Thoughts 

Start by looking at the availability of different training courses. Apart from sharpening your technical skills, a few fundamental abilities must be possessed: solid knowledge of vehicles, teamwork, problem-solving skills, self-intuition, etc. 

Choose a skilled facility with an arsenal of courses and vast experience. An enthusiastic trainer should be prioritised for efficient training. Once you have completed your standard course, remember to sit for the annual refresher assessment to stay updated with the latest information.

Regular MOT testing is vital to car maintenance and must not be avoided. To become a qualified tester, you need to pass the training. Reach out to the training centre for more information.


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