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Embroidery machines have come a long way since their inception. Today’s machines are automatic, fast, reliable, and capable of sewing almost any work of art, including photo. Any image can be embroidered in any size with the appropriate digitized file. MigDigitizing is characterized by a technology that turns a photograph into embroidery in a short time. Professionally done, it’s cheaper than you might think.


Our prices are very competitive, and no, we are not a group of freelancers. We are a US-based embroidery digitizing company that has been in business for over 20 years. Currently, By now, we have digitized thousands of embroidery files containing company logos, creative artwork, photos, and more. Each task is unique to us, and we strive to produce high-quality digitized embroidery files every time. Our success is based on hard work, dedication, impeccable quality, and a competitive edge. Based only on a certain price and our intention to offer the best.


Count on us for error-free lifetime files. Our team of experts works with the latest technology and currently licensed software. Unlike most other digitizers, we do not use free embroidery digitizing software. Most of the latest features are unavailable, limiting your ability to convey finesse. Quality is our key factor, and we never compromise. Please let us know if you have images that need to be digitized.


Our website is equipped with the latest means of communication. Use the live chat option, fill out the contact form, or email us directly. Our communication channels connect directly with experienced digitizers. Therefore, you can consult without hesitation and receive expert advice and guidance. Now let’s connect.



How to Turn Photo into Embroidery


Today’s embroidery machines are automated and can perform embroidery with minimal human effort. When a high-quality digital embroidery file is uploaded to the sewing machine’s software, it begins embroidering the fabric. The digitization of embroidery plays an important role, as the fabric’s delicacy depends on the file’s quality.


Digitizing embroidery is more than just creating a digital file. It contains important information to allow the machine to adapt to your artwork. Includes instructions and what looks like a map of all the pinpoints. The sewing machine’s software follows the instructions retrieved from the file and sews accordingly.

The embroidery digitizer takes a big responsibility in this regard. Digitizers are highly skilled professionals who work with specially designed software. There is an opportunity to turn photos into embroidery for fashion designers, digitizing logo for embroidery, commercials, and home stickers. Most people ask if they can create the digitized files themselves at home. The answer is yes, but it’s not easy.


Viewing embroidery software on a computer screen looks like child’s play. But when you start using it and are exposed to many tools and options, it becomes scary. Each tool has a specific function, and you don’t have to use each one all the time. Beginners will be hooked once they learn and get used to the software.


So not recommended if you plan to learn how to digitize some designs. There are better, more practical alternatives. Instead of enduring the pain and investing large sums of money, hire a professional for as little as $10. Get your files within your budget.


Why Does Photo Embroidery Digitizing Exist?


As mentioned earlier, today’s embroidery machines can run on autopilot but can’t make decisions. Camera clicks, Internet downloads, or scanned image files are foreign to your machine. The embroidery machine cannot sew without the correct file format. So getting a digitized file is essential for the machine to sew the artwork.


Logo digitization is also called tracing because of what the process looks like. Instead of creating a new sketch, the digitizer uses the client’s artwork in the background and traces the creation over it. Eliminate the hassle of recreating artwork and the risk of creating the wrong pattern.


The practice of turning photographs into embroidery has been around for many years. It was used not only for decoration but also for storing information. Pictures of the king and queen were embroidered and placed around the castle. Even flags with national coats of arms were embroidered as a sign of respect and superiority. Found. It has been proven that people have been using embroidery as a form of fashion and advertising for a very long time. There were no machines or computers in those days. All embroidery was done by hand and was very expensive and time-consuming. Today, the embroidery machine has made this process quick and affordable. With the digitization of embroidery, the instructions are already set, and the embroiderer doesn’t have to worry about the design. Multi-head sewing machines read instructions from digitized files and embroider dozens of fabrics at once.



Where You can Find The Possibility?

If you want to turn your photos into embroidery, your best bet is to search the internet. You can use any search engine to find links to all embroidery digitizers in the US. Click any link from the list displayed on the screen to go to that website. On our website, there is always more than one way to establish communication. For example, MigDigitizing also has an email and live chat module. You can choose how to speak to a digitizer expert. Have a question, or would you like to share information about your project? Let us know your preferred medium.


We look forward to helping you with your next machine embroidery project. We offer error-free files that can be used with home sewing and commercial embroidery machines. Looking for fast delivery? Our standard delivery time is sufficient, but please let us know if you would like a shorter delivery time. We will make sure it reaches you exactly when you expect it. Contact us now!

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