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How to use the vending machine

  1. Nowadays, all kinds of self-services have become popular in life, especially vending machines. Whether it is a community or a shopping mall, vending machines can be seen everywhere, which can help us easily buy various commodities, mainly beverages.
  2. Next, let’s take a look at how to use the vending machine. Buy and never miss AO discount code NHS 


  • vending machine
  • suitable payment method


  1. First, we find a vending machine that is in normal operation. There will be a corresponding button under the general product. We can directly press the button to select the product. Anonymous Instagram Viewer
  2. After selecting the product, the corresponding product information will be displayed on the screen of the vending machine. Below we directly click to select the payment method we want.
  3. For cash payment, you can directly put the specified cash into the coin slot, and for online payment, you need to use the corresponding payment software to scan the code for payment.
  4. Some online payment platforms have good preferential policies for vending machines, such as red envelopes or discount purchases. We can use red envelopes or discounts to reduce the cost of purchases.
  5. After scanning the corresponding QR code on the screen, we will enter the payment page, click the payment directly to start the payment, if there is a red envelope or discount, the system will automatically use it. Currys NHS discount code 
  6. After completing the payment, wait for a while, and the products we choose will fall into the product box below, and we can get the products we choose to buy by lifting the baffle. 
  7. It is worth noting that because the vending machine is sold automatically by the machine, some faults cannot be solved in time. If you see an old, unsafe, or irregular 

vending machine, it is best not to use it lightly to avoid unnecessary losses. .


  • Most vending machines accept cash change.
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How to buy things from vending machines

Now there are more and more unmanned vending machines in public places, and consumers can buy by themselves, which greatly reduces the checkout time. There are also companies with a large number of employees. If the mobile phone is out of battery when the employees are on a business trip, they can buy it through the vending machine. So, how to use the vending machine

Understand the structure of unmanned vending machines

The typical structure of a mobile phone accessories vending machine is shown in the figure below. From top to bottom, there are advertising screens, code scanning screens, aisle buttons, bank card quick payment, free charging ports, change ports, and pick-up ports.

Select the lane number

Have you found the lane number of the product? Press the lane number on the lane keyboard to confirm.


You can pay with WeChat, or cash, Alipay, QuickPass

Pick up merchandise

After the above steps are completed, it is OK, and you can take your own products from the pick-up port of the mobile phone accessories vending machine

What are the business models of vending machines

A vending machine is a new type of Internet of Things model that retails products in various industries in an o2o model, so what operating models does it have

  • vending machine
  • Mobile phone digital accessories
  • Places of delivery: schools, airports, stations, shopping malls, scenic spots


  1. Franchise agency model: For example, Meimao international mobile phone accessories vending machine, agency brand mobile phone accessories, choose the location to put in, no agency fee, just pay 10,000 deposit for each mobile phone accessories vending machine, and do not do it after five years Yes, the deposit can be refunded, and this model has the lowest risk.
  2. Retail self-sale mode: Personally customize equipment from vending machine manufacturers, the price is generally between 10,000 and 30,000, and then put the goods you want to retail in the vending machine and set the price, then you can find a place to put it. This model requires a lot of investment, and after-sales maintenance is troublesome and less restrictive.
  3. Cooperation mode: Find the person in charge of the public place to negotiate, put the vending machine in the place, and then find the franchised automatic mobile phone platform, let him put in the equipment, and the cost will be shared with the partner at that time. This model solves the site and has little risk.

How to lay out vending machines

Today let’s talk about how to layout vending machines

Adjust mentality

At present, the vending machine industry is also very popular. If you plan to enter the industry, you must be familiar with the rules of this industry, adjust your mentality, and learn actively

Market positioning

For many people, vending machines may still be very unfamiliar, but we must make some adequate preparations, research user preferences, choose what kind of vending machine, what kind of products to load, and need to be positioned according to the market .

Brand selection

In fact, there are still many machine brands in the vending machine industry. Sometimes we have to investigate in many ways to find multiple brands, compare them, and choose the most suitable machine for us. Or create a team of your own.

Find a profit model

There are actually many profit models for vending machines, such as product categories, machine sales, and advertising, which may all bring benefits

Independent operation

Some companies only sell vending machine equipment and do not operate independently. We can consider whether to operate independently, and if we pay attention to the difference from traditional operating methods. Bargain Fox discount code

Multi-channel promotion

After the preliminary preparations and investment have been prepared, you can choose different channels for promotion and cooperation. Only when there are a large number of vending machines can you complete your own layout.

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