Escape rooms are specially designed rooms that aim at bringing adventure and entertainment together in one place. Players have to find clues and solve puzzles to escape the thematic room within a given time period. While the main purpose here is to have fun, a proper strategy is also necessary to enjoy the most out of this type of games. 

Though every escape room differs from each other in terms of theme, storyline, or gameplay, there are some common strategies that can help you ace them regardless. 

Skills to survive an escape room, according to the creators 

 So, if you want to get the most out of your next escape room experience, here are some fundamental tips that can help you win the game: 

  1. Gather the right team 

The common problem seen by creators of escape rooms is that the teams are not right. When you are planning your escape room seattle experience make sure that you choose a team that will make the experience fun for you. Plan a team that has the perfect skillsets to solve the puzzles in time and at the same time, make it enjoyable. 

  1. Keep Puzzles and Clues Organised 

The creators suggest putting all the objects and clues found in the room at one location inside the room so that there is easy access to the clues. This will save you the extra time and effort. If you won’t be able to find a clue you would know where to look for it. Similarly, if you have to eliminate a clue make sure you make a separate bundle for it.  

As the game processes, you will be going to different locations, but when you will have to make sense of the clues it will be easier and faster as all of them would be at one single location. 

  1. Constant communication and update 

Another important point of an escape room is to make the team aware of every progress made in the game. Ensure that you search everything thoroughly and communicate the results with your team members. 

One of the biggest problems seen by creators in an escape game is that the players don’t keep up with each other and end up wasting time solving puzzles that the rest of the team is already done with. So, to manage your time well make sure you communicate with your team with all the clues, props, and gadgets you find. 

  1. Ask for Clues 

The most common question asked to game guides is: When should you ask for clues? Players are hesitant to ask for clues because they wish at solving the escape rooms on their own and complete the mission. But since you are allowed a certain number of clues, it is best to use them whenever you want to.  

If you are standing idle and are stuck, then you should ask for a clue, no matter how early or later it is. Do not spend your game time standing around. Standing around and using the help could be the difference between an escape or defeat.  

  1. Listen to the Gamemaster 

We know you are excited to play the game, but it is important to listen to the instructions given in the game guide. This means that you should be attentive when they instruct you about abandoned places or clues. This will save you time and effort to search for clues at those particular places.  

  1. Keep Calm 

The escape rooms can put your patience and how well you manage a stressful situation into test. So, instead of being chaotic and scattered, take time with small things. This means taking your time in solving clues because the ultimate goal of escape rooms is to have fun. 

Make sure that there is a positive environment within your team. This will motivate the team to work hard towards looking for more clues and solving them readily.  

  1. Be on time 

Creators have also seen teams arriving half an hour late to their escape rooms. This will cut the time from your escape room experience. And hence, it is always advised that you take a buffer time beforehand. Most escape rooms will require you to sign a waiver before you enter the room. So, the best start would be to arrive 15 minutes early to the game and book your escape room in advance.  

Escape rooms can be highly entertaining if you know your way around them. The beauty of this activity is that no matter how many times you play, a new escape room will bring a new kind of excitement into you. Even if you get experienced enough to identify the patterns of a certain type of gameplay, things can always turn out completely opposite of what you expected. So, don’t think of these strategies as spoilers. These are mere behavioral tips that can help you not get overwhelmed during the game. The events inside the actual escape room will still remain a subjective experience for you!

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