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Today, dating sites and applications specializing in this area are very successful on the web. They offer members looking for love virtual places to exchange and meet, want to make friends or formalize a relationship. Since the first step is mostly taken by the man, here is a practical guide to seducing a woman on a serious dating site.

Some tips for approaching a woman on a serious dating site

When you start a conversation with a woman, remember that she knows nothing about you. She just has an idea on your profile. To this end, you must take care of your account, in order to give a good impression to those who visit your profile. The first message you send to get in touch with the chosen woman is of great importance in attracting her or pushing her away. It’s not about selling yourself to please your future elected official, as if you’re going to have a job interview. But, you just have to follow a few guidelines to give a good image to your interlocutor.

Advice on how to approach a woman well

Your profile is the first hook that attracts the attention of those who visit it. So, and if you want to find a partner with hot women , you must consider these details in a serious dating site


post a nice picture of yourself and not someone else. Please keep it clear and of good quality. It would be ideal if it is complete, that is to say, it highlights your whole body.

your ad is also another important element that should not be overlooked. It should be brief and free of faults.

choose a subtle nickname that expresses your personality and distinguishes you from other members.

To get your first approach off to a good start, be honest and don’t start your virtual meeting with lies. Also, you should pay close attention to the first message you plan to send. This element will be decisive in tipping the scales in your favor. After registering on the site, it is strongly discouraged to use a fairly familiar tone, as if you were already intimate. But, if you are looking for a simple friendship or an evening plan, you can register on specialized sites, as you can mention in your presentation, in order to inform your chosen one about your objective.


To conduct a serious meeting, be rather authentic and original and avoid all the worn expressions that commonly circulate in all discussions. Give the woman you’re chatting with an offbeat and out-of-the-ordinary conversation. It’s an effective way to engage them and spark their interest in continuing the conversation with you.


For example, avoid texting, shorthand expressions like slt, bsr so you don’t sound like you’re bored or want to rush the conversation. So, take care of your message as much as possible and try to write with the fewest mistakes, to guarantee to leave a good impact on her. This does not mean adopting a rather serious tone, you can of course integrate a little humor into your message, but without exaggeration or vulgarity. This is how you can create a certain closeness that allows you to find love and get closer to the woman. In particular, you can transform the formal address into the familiar form, if you apply good practices in your discussion.

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