With the highest data recovery success record in the business, techsupport demonstrates every day that data loss is merely a temporary situation. Our amount of data recovery speaks for itself.

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For more than 17 years, Techsupport has performed expert data recovery on every type of storage device, including Desktop hard drive data recovery, Laptop hard drive data recovery, External / USB hard disc data recovery / hard disc recovery, Server and RAID arrays data recovery, NAS, SAN, DAS, SSD, Encryption storage device data recovery, Database & File Recovery, CCTV Data Recovery, and Flash Card Data Recovery. And equipment used in businesses, like as RAIDs.

Every type of data loss scenario, including physical and mechanical failure, backup failure, water and fire damage, data corruption, file deletion, head crash, system failure, and more, may be handled by our specialized tools on any server. We use tools and techniques for all of our data recovery in Dubai operations so as not to further harm your device.


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Costs for data recovery might range from $100 to $2000.

  • Device failure type
  • Equipment for data recovery labs and operating costs
  • Expert data recovery engineer work
  • Ideally, the turnaround time

It might be a nightmare if your hard disc breaks down and stops functioning. Whether your business data or your personal files are in jeopardy, you’re undoubtedly wondering how much data recovery will cost you.

This website is intended for people who are curious about all the factors that could affect how much data recovery will cost. We think a professional should restore your lost files, even though a home solution might be effective in some cases of data loss. Experts have the greatest skill set and depth of knowledge to provide a better success rate for data recovery.

Whether you select Proven Data or another reputable data recovery firm, we will be up front about what you may anticipate from them.

Since 2007, we have offered data recovery services, and throughout that time, we have witnessed how data loss situations may impact both small and large enterprises.

We realize there may be misunderstanding over how a data recovery firm delivers a quote for your failed storage media device, however we have thousands of successful data recovery cases under our belt. It can be distressing and leave you feeling unsettled if you lose access to important data for your business or treasured personal memories, especially if you can’t see the expenses up front.


The data recovery sector is infamous for keeping prices secret and not offering a clear pricing structure. An expert data recovery engineer should be available on call at a reliable data recovery company to answer any questions you may have about pricing.

We’re here to inform you about how to estimate data recovery prices and the charges associated with tech support data recovery if you decide to proceed with data recovery services. The pricing indicated below is valid for the following types of data storage:

  • Recovery of Server Data
  • Data Recovery for RAID
  • Recovering Data on Computer
  • SSD Data Restoration
  • Recovering of Laptop Data
  • Recovering Data on Computer
  • Recovery of External Hard Drive Data
  • Recovery of Internal Hard Drive Data
  • Data Recovery for Mac
  • Recovery of SD Card Data
  • Data recovery on a USB drive
  • Recovery of Camera Data


For a free data recovery consultation and written price quote, get in touch with us anytime, anywhere in the globe.


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