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The perfect printing and scanning capabilities of Epson printers are well-known. But because they are software, they can have technical issues. Users frequently suffer Epson printer offline issues. There are several causes for this, including outdated printer drivers, antivirus software interfering, and stopped print jobs. Continue reading if you’ve been trying to find a solution to this problem.

Useful Solutions for the Epson Printer Offline Problem

Checking your laptop’s and printer’s connections is one of the first stages in troubleshooting. Examine the “Network and Settings” under “Printers and Scanners” on your PC if you use a wireless model.

Disable the option to use an offline printer.

The print command won’t be accepted by your printer if you unintentionally enabled this option. By following these instructions, disable it.

  1. Launch the Windows Run box.
  2. From there, move towards the ‘Control Panel.’
  3. Configure the ‘View by‘ to ‘Large Icons.’
  4. Select ‘Devices and printers.’
  5. Right-tap on your Epson printer and choose ‘See what’s printing.’
  6. In the new window, tap the ‘Printer‘ tab.
  7. Now, remove the check from ‘Use printer Offline.’
  8. Tap the ‘Printer‘ tab and choose the ‘Set as default’ option.
  9. Exit all opened windows and start your computer again.

Update the Printer Driver

You are more likely to face offline errors if you are using an obsolete printer driver. To update it:

  1. Connect your laptop and epson machine to the network.
  2. Launch the Run window.
  3. In the window, type ‘control panel.’
  4. Locate your printer in the list.
  5. Right-tap it and choose ‘Update drivers.’
  6. Wait till the update process finishes, and then check for the error.

Reinstall Your Printer Driver

Problems with your existing driver can also result in this error. Go to ‘Printers and Scanners‘ in your system and follow these points.

  1. Once there, find your Epson printer and right-tap it.
  2. From the drop-down, select ‘Remove device from.’
  3. Now navigate to the official Epson support website.
  4. Install the current printer drivers from the website.

Reinstall Your Printer Driver

Another way to make your printer come online is to restart the print spooler service.

  1. Head over to the ‘Start‘ area of Windows.
  2. Now, open the Run box.
  3. Input’ services.msc.’
  4. Press the Enter key.
  5. Look for ‘Print spooler.’
  6. After finding it, right-click it and tap ‘Restart.’
  7. This will make the service begin again.
  8. Find if the offline problem persists.

Troubleshoot the Offline Problem on Mac

In Mac, the Epson printer goes offline due to software incompatibility. You can follow these points to fix it.

Inspect the Drivers and Software.

To check your drivers and software, follow these pointers.

  1. From the Apple menu, hit the option, ‘About this Mac.’
  2. Check if the software is of the current version.
  3. Head to ‘Software update‘ to get the latest system update.
  4. Now, go to ‘Printers & Scanners.’
  5. Select your printer and tap ‘Remove.’
  6. Now, add the printer back.
  7. Go to ‘System Preferences‘ and then to ‘Software update.’
  8. Get the pending driver update.

Other Fixes to Implement for Offline Issues on Mac

  1. Ensure that your printer is not sleeping.
  2. Restart the printer and give it a print command.
  3. You can also employ the HP Smart app. Head to HP Smart for Mac to install it.
  4. Reset your printer.
  5. The IP address of your printer can also change because of security reasons. If you find this error, check your IP address’s configuration and update it if it has been changed.

Finishing Line

You are now aware of the Epson offline remedy, which will help you save time if this printer issue ever arises. Use these precautions and make sure your OS and drivers are up to date. In the event that the problem is still not fixed, you can seek the help of printer error us experts.

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