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Hand pallet trucks are integral to warehouses and distribution centres to make operations swift and smooth. Hand trucks help move pallets, reducing the physical strain on employees and increasing productivity. But, storing and transporting pallet trucks well is crucial for the equipment to function optimally. You need to ensure the pallet trucks are in good condition to offer service for an extended period. 

To understand more, here are tips for properly storing and transporting pallet trucks:

How to Store Hand Pallet Trucks

– Clean the hand pallet truck

After the daily operation, cleaning the truck well is essential to remove dirt and debris that might have accumulated. Doing this always helps prevent corrosion, ensuring the hand pallet truck remains in good working condition.

– Store the truck indoors

Hand pallet trucks are made of moving parts that can corrode if in contact with water. Storing them in a dry indoor space away from environmental elements is mandatory. Exposure to snow, rain or high temperatures can cause damage to the truck reducing its lifespan.

– Raise the truck

When storing the truck, try as much as possible to raise it from the ground. It helps prevent damage to the wheels and fork. A standard or 2.5t pallet truck has to be stored on a pallet or other flat surface. Doing this is a way of maintaining your truck to give it longevity.

– Secure the hand pallet truck

It is common for the truck to roll or tip over, which can cause accidents. So, it is vital to secure it using chains or straps. It helps keep the truck still, preventing damage to the wheels and forks. In addition, when employees are getting them to start work, they are ensured of safety.

How to Transport Hand Pallets Trucks

For the truck to provide optimal service throughout its lifespan, transportation plays a part. Here is what you need to do to transport the equipment safely:

– Use pallets or transport boards

Stability during transportation of a 2.5t pallet truck is essential. You need to use a transport board or a pallet to ensure during transit; the equipment is secure. This ensures that no breakage happens to the parts of the equipment.

– Use straps or chains

During transit, you want to avoid the equipment moving around. Use chains or straps to secure it on the pallet or transport board. Sometimes when the equipment is not secure, it can move and fall off, leading to braking and even causing accidents.

– Protect the forks

Forks on the truck are the most delicate than anything else. During transport, you need to secure them tightly to prevent breaking. You can use foam to wrap them or place a protective cover over them.

– Avoid stacking

Stacking trucks can have a detrimental impact on the equipment. It is recommended to avoid stacking them on top of each other. Doing this can damage the trucks, which can make them unstable during transportation.

Proper storage and transportation of pallet trucks are vital to ensure they remain new and last longer. By using the tips, be sure your equipment will last longer and stay in good condition. This will help prevent damage which will increase efficiency in operations and overall productivity.

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