The curved sliding door track is essential when installing curved sliding door systems. The track allows the door to slide smoothly across it so that it can open and close without making any noise or causing damage to the wall. The curve of the track should firmly band together with the curve of your door opening for this to work correctly.

Follow these steps to install a curved sliding door track:

  • Find the middle of the existing track.
  • Use your tape measure and pencil to mark the midpoint of each side of the door opening. You should now have four marks on each side of your door frame, forming an “X” pattern across the width of your opening.

Fine-tune the height and width of the new track.

Height and width adjustments are a must to ensure your door is correctly aligned with the tracks.

Adjusting the height of a curved sliding door track is easy: all you need is to get a measuring tape and determine how high your door needs to be from the floor. Take measurements right from where you want your new track to begin until it reaches; it should be about 5 inches below, where it will meet with an existing ceiling or other structure (such as another wall). This measurement should be taken from both sides of the opening so that you can ensure that both sides are identical in height and slope.

To adjust the width of your curved barn door track, measure across your opening at its widest point using either side of a measuring tape or ruler. It will help you determine how many feet long each piece needs to be cut into before installing them into place.

Attach one end of the new curved sliding door track to the inner jamb with angle brackets.

The curved sliding door track is the most expensive piece you will need to install a curved sliding door. Hook it to an existing frame, measure the appropriate length, then remove the decorative plate. Now, drill holes in the outer jamb to match those on the opening and attach angle brackets. Measure for proper alignment before bolting down with lag bolts; check for level and adjust as necessary.

The curved track is now installed, but you may need to make a few adjustments for it to work smoothly on your door.

After installing the curved track, you may need to make adjustments to ensure your door functions smoothly. Check the height and width of the new track. You can adjust these by loosening or tightening the nuts in each bracket that holds a section together. Make sure that all pieces are appropriately leveled with each other and cantered on the door, so they line up properly when you install them later on. Additionally, check that all parts are straight. If any part is bent or out of shape, use pliers or another tool to get them back into place before continuing with further installation steps.

Mount a pulley bracket on each side of the door opening and attach them both to one end of a length of nylon rope (about 8 feet).

Attach one end of the nylon rope to each pulley bracket, then tie them together in a bowknot. The rope should be at least eight feet long.

Use a robust and flexible rope to handle the weight of your door. If necessary, use more than one length of rope – one per side – to support the weight of your door(s).

Make sure that both ends reach all four corners of your opening to ensure they grab onto their respective pulleys when needed.


After installing a curved sliding door track, you’ll be able to unlock the potential of your space. The pulley system is designed to keep the rope tight within the track and ensure that your door opens and closes smoothly without any problems. It will also reduce noise so that the doors don’t smack into the frame when opened or closed. Other than that, install some weather stripping around the edges of your opening, so air doesn’t leak in while they’re closed.

If you love the look of a curved sliding door but think it’s too difficult to install, consider hiring professionals to do the work for you. You can feel free to work on those other home improvement projects. The installation pro will ensure the track is level and in perfect working order.

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