SEO has immense power of driving traffic and sales to your company’s website and also improves its bottom line. If you can convince your boss properly to invest in all the marketing ideas that positively contribute to your company, you can use that to your advantage soon. 

How can you convince your boss to invest in SEO?

If you believe that persuading your boss to invest in SEO is the correct type of move, you should first consider that your boss doesn’t give two hoots about SEO. He only cares about the bottom line. You are responsible for explaining to your boss how SEO will make him more money and help him reach his business goals.

The main power of SEO is to drive traffic to your company’s website. If you fail to implement correct supporting strategies for generating the visibility your website needs, your customers will never see it and instead turn to your competitors for their products.

Following are the steps you should take to convince him to invest in SEO-

Pitch the outcome.

Getting your boss to invest in your pitch from the beginning. The way you do this is to lead with the result. You should explain the intended outcome of your pitching to him.

Make sure that they are aware of what SEO is.

If you have a task of explaining to your boss what SEO is and how it can help you flourish, make this very clear to them. Around a decade ago, SEO was unknown to many people. However, in the last couple of years, SEO is no longer a foreign word to professionals. However, many business owners do not know the real potential of SEO. 

You should make your boss sit in front of the computer screen and suggest that they make an initial query in the search engine they use. You should then ask them to click on a result they consider relevant. Ensure that they distinguish between the paid and the organic search results. You should ask them to make a new query and select a compelling result again. Logically, your boss will choose any website from the first natural search results.

Show them figures and graphs.

You can use figures to show your boss that most internet users tend to focus on the first results. A famous study has also demonstrated that ¾ of all clicks are on the top three organic links, leaving only crumbs for the following links. With almost 70,000 search queries that are made on Google every second, it is not at all difficult to imagine the traffic some businesses might benefit from if they manage to position their site for a comparatively wide range of keywords. According to HubSpot, the total cost of acquiring a lead through the inbound methods of SEO is cheaper on average by 61% than the traditional method.

Many people avail of Top-Rate SEO Company, a digital marketing company that provides its clients with different types of SEO services.

Explain to people the long-term benefits of SEO

Growth hacking is part of a rapid customer acquisition strategy. Natural referencing is a phenomenon which requires patience but also has the very good advantage of giving convincing results over a period of time. Blogs, or even the showcase websites which have been in the top positions in their field of activity for a while, meet the expectations of internet users. This is reflected a lot in a high CTR.

You ought to convince your boss that even if the ads only are run when you pay them the campaign fee, you will still benefit from SEO for a prolonged period of time. This is possible even when you do not get additional backlinks.

Make them understand that referencing is useful for entrepreneurs.

If none of your colleagues has ever tried convincing your boss about the benefits of SEO, then he or she, like many executives, has probably been approached by salespeople from all the web agencies. The bosses who are reluctant usually answer that their companies have no interest at all in promoting their services on search engines owing to their size or the nature of their offerings. 

If you are targeting only local customers, you should also explain to your boss that location-based search queries have become increasingly crucial over the years and they also help a wide variety of businesses to boost their overall turnover.

Introduce them to the free tools which are used by the search engine optimizers.

Defining and implementing the SEO strategy requires a plethora of skills and like any other type of marketing campaign comes at significant expenses. Most of the powerful tools which are used by all SEO professionals are free. This software are far from being just for the experts.

You should get your boss familiar with these solutions. Google Analytics is one such tool which is a must if you want to track the evolution of your audience and the web pages with the most visitors.

Mention and positive externalities of SEO.

If you work hard to improve the organic SEO, you can also benefit from using the Google ads at the same time. If you optimize the landing pages of your links, you can also increase the quality score. You can also leverage the keywords that convert the most in your Google ads campaigns and also avoid wasting your marketing budget.

Companies which internalize their SEO offer more original content to their target audiences. By taking a unique type of approach, they also stand out from their competitors. Implementing a thorough SEO strategy implies rethinking the entire structure of the website of company for improving the user experience.

Create a roadmap.

Let us assume now that your boss is solid on your solid pitch and research. The next thing you ought to know is how you are going from A to Z. It is important to make your boss understand the long-term benefits of SEO.




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