Popular for its practicality and relatively low cost, a plastic garden table also has the disadvantage of wearing out over time. With the light of the sun, that of the moon, but also the rain and the wind, this one tends to mark and make stains on its plate which, too, tarnishes and ages badly over time if the maintenance is not done correctly. We grant you, a major cleaning of your plastic table is not an easy task, but it is necessary to restore its shine and whiteness before the beautiful days. Here we give you some inexpensive tips for cleaning your garden tables so that they last longer and are clean and healthy for a long time!

A few precautions to take to avoid wear and tear

To ensure that your garden furniture wears out as little as possible, we are giving you a few tips that will extend its lifespan. If cushions accompany your plastic garden furniture, we recommend that you bring them in at the end of the summer in a dry space and sheltered from the sun and the moon, or protect them with a tarpaulin. When your outdoor lounge is left outside on a terrace where it can face bad weather, its longevity can be reduced due to dirt and water, for example.

To protect it from stains, we advise you to acquire a specialized protective cover. Covers of this type are also available for the garden armchair, the barbecue or even the deck chair. In addition, regular maintenance ranging from 1 to 3 times a month is suggested in order to remove dirt that may accumulate even if it is stored in a garden shed.

Special tools to avoid scratching your furniture

It is important to use the right material so as not to damage your table at the risk of damaging it more than cleaning it. Cleaning should be done gently with a soft brush, a damp non-abrasive sponge or a cotton cloth. For hard-to-reach corners, the toothbrush will be your best ally! Finally, we recommend that you do not let your garden furniture air dry to avoid dripping stains. It is best to wipe your surface immediately after rinsing with a soft cloth.

Effective cleaning products for a table like new!

The advice we give you also applies to other plastic outdoor furniture such as armchairs, folding garden chairs or sun loungers, for example. However, do not reproduce these tips on wooden garden furniture and more particularly exotic wood such as teak, but also that which is wrought iron. For plastic tables strictly speaking (PVC, polypropylene, etc.), try to bet as much as possible on natural products.

For example, Marseille soap or black soap mixed with hot water and white vinegar will be very effective. If the stains are very stubborn, do not hesitate to decorate this mixture with baking soda or soda crystals up to a handful per litre. You can then scrub and rinse thoroughly. Soda crystals like hydrogen peroxide have a whitening power, so just put a few spoonfuls in a basin of hot water and let it act for less than 5 minutes then rinse with clear water.

Then, the clay stone is also an excellent natural cleaner, it is ideal because it cleans surfaces without difficulty. Foods can also become cleaners like lemon juice which can remove yellow stains when mixed with soapy water. Bleach is also known to clean surfaces, rub the table with your sponge soaked in a mixture of bleach and soapy water, rinse then dry gently, your table will be like new! Finally, you can turn to either rubbing alcohol or oven cleaner.

Polishing to shine with a thousand lights

To polish and protect your comfortable chairs and armchairs as well as your essential outdoor table, two surprising but effective solutions are available to you. The first is cleansing milk for babies, this cleansing product has more than one string to its bow by respecting every surface it encounters, such as leather objects in particular. The second option is car body wax, your outdoor furniture will come back to life and be protected by this maintenance product, do not hesitate to repeat the operation every year! For more ideas, check now on homary.com!

A new beauty in sight!

Even after intensive cleaning, your garden furniture is still in poor condition? Do not panic! It is quite possible to renovate and paint them. They will be like the first day again, while changing their colors if you wish. Your cleaning previously done will not be useless since it is the first essential step before painting them. Then, it is important and necessary to prepare the surfaces before painting them.

Degrease them with a clean cloth soaked in white vinegar or household alcohol, let dry. If your table is particularly dirty, proceed with light sanding with sandpaper. Take a roller and a brush and apply the coat of PVC primer (allows you to prepare the adhesion of the paint), two coats of acrylic paint and a coat of matt acrylic varnish. Remember to let the surface dry for the time indicated by the manufacturer between each coat. Repainting your outdoor furniture will revive its color and make it shine like new.


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