summer math camps

During summer, academic skills can start to slip and that is why summer math camps are very important. Studies show that kids lose a lot of math skills during summer and this can result in reduced self-confidence and a lower chance of being successful in exams. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is through camps that combine fun and academics. A lot of summer math learning programs come in to help children who need stronger math skills.

Comparing them is like comparing bananas to apples. They are in the same category but are not the same. They may also sound good in their advertisements but you should know the right way to choose which program is best for your child. It is a matter of uncovering the differences between programs by asking your students the right questions. Just as you might interview a potential mechanic, ask the staff of any program you are considering the questions illustrated below.

Can this summer program determine the root of my child’s issue?

If your kid has been struggling in mathematics for a long time and you have tried different programs or teachers in vain, it is likely because no one has determined which fundamental knowledge gaps cause the problems in the mathematics class.

Private tutoring services rely on children to say they need help with certain topics but this is an unreliable way of pinpointing problems. There could be a lot of reasons that a child has problems with algebra or fractions, for example, reasons that require a math expert to identify them.

Is it fun?

Before choosing math camps for your child, you should ensure it is fun. Most children do not think of mathematics as fun, but a summer program should have some fun to encourage children. Are the teachers trained on getting children to engage with mathematics on a higher level and motivate learning by making mathematics more stimulating and interesting? Do they engage in fun activities during summer? Are they rewarded for reaching milestones? It is important to remember that the more enjoyable the camp is, the more your child will be likely to attend and the more your child will gain from it.

Does it fit the level and pace of your child?

Summer is too short and it is tempting to try and accomplish everything before school starts. You should be wary of programs that promise things that are impossible to achieve. If your child is a year behind in math, it will take more than one camp to bring them up to speed but a good summer program will include goals for important topics that your child can easily master during the summer math camps without straining.

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