How do YouTubers record clips of TV shows for videos?

YouTubers often use clips from TV shows in their videos, but it’s important to record these clips legally and ethically. In this article, we will explore the different ways YouTubers can obtain clips from TV shows for their videos.

Legal Ways to Obtain Clips of TV Shows

One way to obtain clips from TV shows legally is to use licensed footage under a creative commons license. This type of license allows creators to use the footage for free under certain conditions, such as giving credit to the original creator.

Another way is to obtain permission from the copyright owner of the TV show. This can be a time-consuming process, but it’s important to respect copyright laws. Some studios may require a licensing fee, while others may grant permission for free. It’s important to ensure that you follow the conditions of the license agreement or permission granted.

Recording Clips of TV Shows Yourself

If you are unable to obtain licensed footage or permission from the copyright owner, the next option is to record the TV show yourself. You can use screen capture software such as OBS or Camtasia to record the screen of your computer or mobile device while playing the TV show. However, it’s important to note that recording a TV show without permission is technically illegal.

When recording the TV show yourself, it’s important to ensure that the quality of the recording is good. This can be done by using high-quality video and audio equipment such as a DSLR camera or a microphone. You should also ensure that there is no background noise or interruptions during the recording process, as this can impact the quality of the final video.

Tips for Recording Clips of TV Shows

When recording clips from TV shows, it’s important to avoid spoilers or major plot points that may ruin the viewing experience for your audience. Instead, focus on clips that showcase the themes or characters of the TV show. You can also use clips from trailers and promotional material, but it’s important to use them for promotional purposes only and not for commercial gain.


In conclusion, recording clips of TV shows for YouTube videos is a common practice among YouTubers, but it’s important to do so legally and ethically. You can obtain licensed footage or permission from the copyright owner, or you can record the TV show yourself using screen capture software. When recording the TV show, ensure that the quality of the recording is good and avoid including major spoilers or plot points in your video. By following these guidelines, you can create high-quality videos that showcase your love for your favorite TV shows while respecting copyright laws.

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