How are Cranes Empowering Construction Projects?

Cranes in India have acted as one of the key players in the development of the infra industry. Particularly in the construction industry, it has helped professionals to envision innovative buildings and bring them into existence.

Moreover, the categories of cranes like truck & tower cranes have specifically facilitated shaping architectural marvels in India. Trucks facilitate the transportation of heavy materials to remote regions.

Featuring 2 Best-Selling Cranes from Ace

ACE 5540 Tower Crane

This top-selling crane model from ACE has a maximum lifting capacity of 40 tons. As a result, it ensures maximum work output, both at construction & mining sites. Moreover, this tower cranes has significantly facilitated tasks like lifting, thanks to its 34-meter boom length. 

What’s further interesting is its massive height reach of 140 metres. Such a great reach ensures the transportation of materials to remote places. Above all, the price range of this model is quite reasonable in India.

ACE FX 210 Truck Crane

This is yet another sought-after crane model in India. Manufactured by ACE construction equipment, these truck cranes can easily reach up to 18 metres. Such a height reach limit facilitates moving heavy loads from one place to another.

Additionally, the machine is designed to lift heavy loads of up to 20 tonnes, thanks to its lifting capacity. Moreover, the model comes equipped with 12 metres of the boom. Above all, the price range of this crane model starts from Rs. 34 Lakhs. And it goes up to 36 Lakhs in India.

Overall, both these crane models equip higher mobility to ensure rapid movement. Subsequently, this reduces downtime whilst boosting work output. Want to learn more about these equipment? Then Visit Infra Junction today!

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