Buying eggs is easy. One can easily purchase high-quality eggs from a farm like Hillandale Farms. To make their favorite scrambled eggs or poached eggs, however, one has to crack open these eggs. To many, cracking eggs seem like a really simple, straightforward task that they do not even thinks about. But for many people, especially the ones who do not cook or bake regularly, even the task of cracking an egg may seem cumbersome. Hence, it is important to learn the technique properly.

Hillandale Farms discusses how to properly crack eggs

Being able to crack an egg is quite a handy kitchen skill. Right from a simple omlette to more complex dishes, all of them require cracking an egg. With the assistance of a firm surface, almost anyone can crack an egg with ease.

Cracking a single egg

  • One would firstly hold the egg in their dominant. It is important to grasp the egg firmly in the hand so that the long side faces downward. But there is no one right way to hold an egg, and people can hold it in a manner that is most comfortable for them.
  • One must avoid tapping the egg on the side of a dish or bowl as the shell can shatter and get inside the bowl. Rather, it is better to take the egg and give a few firm taps on a hard, flat surface with it. A kitchen counter would be a fine surface for the task.
  • After tapping the eggs, one is likely to find a sideways crack running down the egg, as well as a tiny indentation near the center of the crack.
  • One needs to press their thumbs against the indentation on the egg, while securing the rest of the egg with the remaining fingers. The egg has to be held over a bowl, and gently pulled apart to release the shell into the bowl.

Cracking two eggs at once

  • If a person is comfortable using their non-dominant hand, they can even crack two eggs at once. They just have to secure one egg in each hand, and hold them in any manner they are comfortable in. It is important to make sure that the pinky and ring finger of the person touches the bottom of the egg. One may have to hold their egg a bit differently in each hand, but that will not affect the process of cracking the eggs.
  • One has to tap either egg against a firm surface like the kitchen counter. It will take only a few taps to make the eggshells crack a bit.
  • After the eggs are a bit cracked, they need to be pried open. One needs to first keep their index and pinky finger on the base of the egg to keep it steady, and then use the remaining fingers to pull apart the egg.

While the techniques mentioned above are not too complex, they will need a bit of practice. One can easily buy eggs through a farm like Hillandale Farms and practice such techniques. It is important to avoid breaking eggs on the edge of a bowl or dish, as doing so may shatter the eggs and get eggshells into the bowl.

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