hip replacement surgery

Because of its world-class facilities, low costs, and excellent success rates, India is quickly becoming a popular medical tourism destination for hip replacement surgery. People from all around the world prefer India to other more expensive places for hip replacement surgery.

THR is also one of the most successful and effective techniques for treating severe hip injuries. The standard hip implant design consists of a stainless steel stem with a metal head and a plastic socket. The implant is cemented to replace the injured component during the procedure.

Surgical advancements in total hip replacement surgery

The most well-known developments in THR treatments have been enhanced hip implant life and better revision surgery. THR was formerly reserved for individuals over the age of 70 owing to implant wear and tear. But, higher-quality implants with improved function and lifespan are now appropriate for younger patients.

Among the most significant breakthroughs in THR practice today are:


Because they are smaller than standard stems, a larger portion of the bone may be maintained after implantation, making revision surgery easier. Because these new designs were just recently introduced, the long-term implications have yet to be determined.

Hip Replacement with a Little Incision

The mini-incision hip replacement may be performed with a 10 cm incision, resulting in a less visible post-operative scar on the body and a shorter recovery period. For better results, this procedure is conducted using specifically specialized equipment.

Another breakthrough to lessen wear and tear on hip implants is:

Plastic that is new

Newer polyethylene versions are being employed, which create less dust particles. Some implants are also infused with vitamin E to improve wear characteristics.

Bearing Alternatives

Alternate bearings constructed of ceramic that give less friction aid in the reduction of dust particles produced by wear and tear between metal and plastic. 

Hip Replacement without cement

Surgeons recommend sophisticated hip implant kinds for better outcomes and for younger patients who lead an active lifestyle. 

Hip Replacement Surgery Using Robots

Robotic-assisted hip surgery is pushing the boundaries of minimally invasive hip replacement operations by reducing infection rates and recuperation time. Doctors utilize a robotic arm to put implants more precisely through a smaller incision.

India’s Total Hip Replacement

India’s healthcare system is an excellent combination of low-cost therapy, sophisticated hospitals, and top doctors. Physicians are well-versed in the latest hip replacement procedures. Skilled surgeons provide excellent counselling to patients and recommend the best technique for them after thoroughly studying their anatomy. 

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The cost of hip replacement surgeries varies depending on the surgical method, implant material, and surgery type. The surgeons also have a proven track record of successfully completing all of the aforementioned procedures with the utmost accuracy.

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