Here are some flowers that can be used to worship God

Because of their healing and scent capabilities, flowers are a symbol of religious significance in Indian culture. There are many varieties of flowers that can be used to worship God. Send Flowers Online to your friends to bring joy to their lives. These are possible reasons flowers are given to Gods.

Flowers are considered to be a delight to Gods. Therefore, flowers can be used to please God. Flowers are among nature’s most beautiful creations. Flowers are a great way to show your God your love and devotion. The flowers’ scent creates a joyful and inviting atmosphere. It attracts good energy and creates a favorable environment for worship and prayer.

Two syllables make up the term “puja”: “pu” refers to flowers and “ja” refers to water and chanting. The prayer or phrase ‘puja’ indicates a floral offering. Here’s a list of the most popular heavenly flowers offered to Hindu gods or goddesses’ temples.


Hibiscus flowers are used in many ways, including Hibiscus tea, sweets, and traditional Indian Ayurveda medicine.

Red Gudhal (also known as Hibiscus rosa­Sinensis) is a decorative plant that worships Goddess Kali in West Bengal, and Devi in India.


The official state flower in West Bengal is Parijaat (or night-blooming jasmine). It is often associated with Lord Krishna in Hindu holy stories such as Kalpavriksha.

The jasmine night-blooming jasmine blossoms are fragrant and only bloom at night. They then fall to the ground in the early morning.


The flowers of Chempaka (Magnolia Champaca) are primarily used for temple worship in India. However, they can also be used for other purposes throughout Southeast Asia. Magnolia champaca blossoms are strong-smelling and used as ornamental trees in Indian ISKON temples or plant nurseries.


Datura (Datura Stramonium) is toxic and used in Ayurvedic medicine. It is also one of the most frequently encountered divine flowers in India. It is used in ceremonies and is also present to Lord Shiva.


Madar flower (CalotropisGigantea) is another toxic plant that India has.

Lord Shiva loves toxic blooms that are always present in the grounds of Indian temples.


The Lotus, also known by the names Red Sacred Lotus or Indian Lotus, is an aquatic plant that bears India’s national flower and has the most beautiful blossom in the world.

Lotus blossoms are often used to represent Indian deities like Lord Vishnu and Lord Ganesha as well as Lord Brahma and Lord Brahma. Send online flowers to your loved ones and surprise them.


Tagetes flowers, also known as African marigolds are used in India to make decorative, medicinal and ornamental plants, especially during Deepawali.

The Indian tradition of celebrating Diwali through Dussehra with marigolds (also known as Genda Flowers) is a stronghold. According to Ayurveda, they are also a healing flower.


Pluzeria is the common name for Indian Champa flowers used in Indian incense such as Nag Champa Agarbatti.

Champa flowers can be linked to both Jain and Buddhist civilizations as well as Indian temples.


The most important aspect of Goddess Saraswati’s devotion is the palash flowers.

Even though Goddess Saraswati prefers white blooms, a puja that does not include Palash flowers will be considered incomplete.

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Yellow Kaner

Cascabela Thevetia, also known as yellow oleander, is a toxic plant related to Nerium Oleander. It comes in a variety of colors, including yellow, white and even a little orange. It is possible to find the yellow Kaner flower in India. This yellow Kaner flower can be used for religious purposes or presented to Lord Shiva, a revered Hindu god.


Rajanigandha (Tuberose), blossoms can be used in perfumes or as ornamental plants in India.

Tuberoses, along with Marigolds or Sevanti, make flower garlands for Hindu gods and goddesses in India. These stunning blossoms can be ordered online flower delivery in Mumbai.


This tiny, fragrant flower has medicinal and religious significance.

Jasmine is, along with vermilion , one of the flower you should offer Lord Hanuman to please him.

Crown Flowers

This pale purple flower is used to worship Lord Shiva.

This toxic blossom, also called akanda is one of the most important elements in Shiv puja.

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