Help Your Lashes Grow Longer Home remedies

Who wouldn’t desire lashes that are longer and fuller? Any appearance would benefit from having a great lash line, but not everyone wants to apply false lashes every day to achieve this. Fortunately, you don’t need to. Your natural lash length and health may be improved in a variety of simple methods. Look them up!

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Did you know that coconut oil is also beneficial for your eyelashes?

Coconut oil is now quite popular in the health sector. Keratin and many other natural oils provide your lashes nutrition and moisture, which are essential for length and strength. Olive oil, sweet almond oil, sesame oil, argan oil, and our personal favourite, castor oil, are more oils you may try.

Natural sources of vitamin E, another powerful compound that thickens lashes, are abundant in castor oil. The oil is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and abundant in various minerals, proteins, and fatty acids.

A cotton ball or the tip of a Q-tip work best for applying oil. Just cover your lashes with oil-soaked cotton after soaking it. Since the oil may temporarily impair your eyesight, we advise doing this shortly before night.

If necessary, you may wash it off in the morning, but we find that it usually absorbs well overnight, so there’s no need.


Eggs are no longer only for breakfast. Their high protein, biotin, and B vitamin content significantly increases lash length and health.

Apply the mixture to your lashes with a cotton swab by mixing 1 egg with 1 tablespoon of glycerin. After 15 minutes, rinse with cold water. Three times a week is what we advise.

Apply the remaining mixture on your face while you’re at it; it’s fantastic for skin, too!

Leaf tea

You’ve surely heard about green tea’s ability to speed up your metabolism and fight cancer, but did you know that it also benefits your lashes thanks to flavonoids and caffeine?

These components promote development and preserve the wellbeing of current lashes. It is also simple to apply. Just make some green tea, let it cool, and then use a cotton ball to apply it to your lashes. Rinse is not necessary.

Consume the remaining portions to boost your overall health!

‘Ole Vera’

This calming, cold gel may be used for more than simply sunburns. It increases lash health, strength, and length and is nutrient-rich.

Use a clean mascara wand to apply this one in the same manner as you would mascara. Let it sink in by doing this before going to bed.

Be kind.

The best oils, gels, and procedures in the world won’t help you get healthy lashes if you treat them roughly. People often rub their eyes and pull while taking off their makeup, which are two instances of not being gentle with their eyes. While it may not seem significant, doing this weakens eyelashes and also results in creases around the eyes and other early ageing symptoms.

So make sure you’re being gentle whether you use these techniques or simply use cosmetics.

No faking

The technique of caring for your eyes includes cautiously applying fake lashes. We are aware of this, and we adore them too! These are stunning! Yet, they may be rather harmful due to the adhesive you use to attach them and the difficult removal procedure.

Hence it’s a good idea to save them for special occasions to protect the health of your lashes. Long-term results will improve the appearance of your lashes.

Look after them

Take careful care of your eyelashes if you want them to grow out fully. It necessitates removing your eye makeup every night, which we realise is a hassle. Certainly, even if you are really exhausted! Your lashes need to be able to breathe in order to develop, thus being makeup-free facilitates this.

Brushing your eyelashes with a particular lash comb is another aspect of eyelash maintenance. By doing so, you’ll get rid of any debris or dust and improve the blood flow to your lashes. In fact, brushing for only 5 minutes a day may have a positive effect on the development of your eyelashes.

The similar effect may be achieved by massaging your eyelids, which stimulates blood flow to the region. Start by cleaning your hands before you do this. Apply a few drops of one of the previously mentioned oils to your lids, and then gently massage your lash line and lids with only your fingers. Massage for around 5 minutes in tiny, circular strokes. You’ll see fuller, healthier lashes if you do this twice everyday for a few months.

Make Use of Quality Brushes and Keep Them Clean!

Speaking of brushing, be sure to use high-quality brushes when you apply makeup to your lids and lashes. A good brush will evenly distribute product without pulling and thinning lashes.

Maintaining cleanliness of those brushes is a crucial aspect of this. Some of our favourite brushes are from Sigma Beauty. Also, Sigma produces a quality brush cleaning. By maintaining clean brushes, you can keep your eyes clean, which will help your lashes grow and become stronger.

Keep Your Health

When you’re feeling your best, your hair health—including your lashes—is at its finest. Therefore be sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and to exercise often. You may get the nutrients you need from fruits and vegetables, and exercise promotes healthy blood flow. These will provide you with everything you need for thick, wholesome lashes when combined.

Every girl wants thick, long lashes. Luckily, with these simple DIY methods, they’re not out of reach.

We are certain that you will love your longer, fuller lashes in no time, whether you experiment with a new moisturising oil, make some green tea, or just switch brushes.

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