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Many of you who try this precise procedure get wonderful waves or loose, ethereal curls, but I do not like the results! Some of it stems from people being confused and thinking that your hair is curly rather than deep wave hair and not seeing the same effects in your waves hair.

  • Pre-pooing is my favorite piece of advice!
  • It is an oil therapy, in other words, used before shampooing and conditioning your hair.
  • Your hair should have silky, lustrous locks after receiving a pre-poo treatment.
  • Making pre-poo a regular practice will greatly benefit you.

Perfect Deep Waves
Perfect Deep Waves

The Pixie Curl method of diffusing

It is the only thing that works for me.

  • You divide your hair into parts in this.
  • Diffuse one region for 30 to 1 minute, then turn off the dryer and go to the next.
  • Then turn the diffuser back on and go through each section of deep wave closure
  • It is essential to rinse your hair with additional water after using a leave-in conditioner and before using gels.
  • I flip my hair over and reapply my leave-in conditioner to damp hair before rewetting it with a spray bottle until it is DRIPPING wet.
  • Every once in a while, give your curls a rest!

Gorgeous deep wave wig
Gorgeous deep wave wig

For days when I don’t wash my hair, I only do a very light refresh.

  • Except on wash days, I don’t like to completely re-wet my hair.
  • According to what I’ve observed, my best wash days occur after leaving my hair “be” for three to four days, allowing the curls to stretch out and the hair to rest.
  • Taking a break helps waves avoid overloading or burdening down, which may happen quickly.
  • A lot of the time, hard gels look great.
  • First, although they weigh down most waves and encourage curls, they usually lose grip throughout the day, producing stringy & puffy hair.


The majority of deep wave hair does not co-wash. Yes, it aids in retaining moisture, but waves are more prone to weight and need cleaning more frequently than the curliest hair. Get yours today at amazing deals only from Indique hair store!

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