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Gwadar Development Authority  pronounced is a port city on the southwestern. coast of the Pakistani province of Baluchistan. The city located on the coast of the Arabian Sea. approximately 700 kilometers west of Karachi. the largest city in Pakistan. Kilometers away. Gwadar located near Bordering Iran. and located east of the Persian Gulf and across from Oman. It was an overseas possession of the Sultanates of Muscat and Oman until.

Investment, safety concerns

Its purchase for most of its history. Gwadar Development Authority was primarily a small to medium-sized settlement with an economy. The strategic value of the location recognized in 1954 at the request of Pakistan by the USGS. The area was still under Oman’s control until 2001. when construction of the first phase of work on the Gwadar port began. Under the government area’s potential to become a major deep-sea port remained untapped. General Pervez Musharraf launched the phase The first in 2007 at a total cost of $248 million. Underutilized for several reasons, including lack of investment, safety concerns. and the failure of the Pakistani government to transfer. the land as promised to the port operator, Singh Port Authority fountain. In April 2015, Pakistan and China announced. their intention to develop the $46 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Investment under CPEC

which will form part of China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative. It is a distinctive feature and is also expected to be a link between. the Belt and Road projects and the Maritime Silk Road. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Infrastructure projects worth $1.153 billion. They will invested in the city. which links northern Pakistan and western China, aims to connect to a deep-sea port. and the city will also host a floating LNG pipeline. that will built as part of the Gwadar Nawabsheh portion worth $2.5 billion. from the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project. It will also be the location of the service facility. In addition to the investment under CPEC in Gwadar City. in June 2016, China Overseas Port Holding Company started construction of a $2 billion. Gwadar Special Economic Zone. modeled on China’s Special Economic Zones.

Development Authority issued

In September 2016, the Gwadar Development Authority issued. a call for bids to prepare for the expropriation and resettlement of the ancient city of Gwadar. Abstract Retrieved October 7, 2019. The future economic hub of South Asia. Gwadar, has witnessed a significant increase in development. and progress since the launch of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor initiative. It is now the center of all economic activities in Pakistan. AMN is now offering investors another opportunity to invest in Gwadar’s golden future. GDA-3 (Gwadar Development Authority Phase 3) is a mega development project approved by gda. and marketed by Athar Marketing Network.

Overview GDA-3 (Gwadar Development Authority Phase 3)

located in an industrial area between the coastal road. and the eastern approach road. The project is close to the fish industry and the industrial zone in Karma. Exotic Gwadar’s prime location on West Bay is ideal for investment purposes. The team of marketing impact experts confirmed that GDA-3. (Gwadar Autonomous Development Phase 3) will be a major development project. in a city teeming with all kinds of economic and non-economic activities.
The project has defined industrial/warehouse, commercial and residential areas. The industrial area consists of different parcels of different sizes (ranging from 2 qt to 5 qt). It is the ultimate industrial area that provides all the necessary. services needed by investors and industrialists. It also provides own location in the warehouse. The GDA3 Industrial Park (Gwadar Development Authority Phase 3). It has proven to be an integral part of the Gwadar Master Plan.

Variety of commercial parcels

AMN offers a variety of commercial parcels (10marla to 14marla) in GDA3 (Gwadar Development Authority Phase 3). These lands are ideal for shopping malls, supermarkets, shopping malls, shops and squares. The area designated for residential parcels consists of multiple parcels of 4marla, 8marla and 12marla. All major amenities provided here. Parcels allocated to parks, playgrounds, petrol pumps and mosques.
It is clear that GDA3 (Gwadar Development Authority Phase 3) is a landmark project. that will revitalize the coastal city. This project provides AMN with an opportunity to invest in Gwadar and secure a great future. Please take advantage of this opportunity.
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