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Tiles are among the most well-known flooring options that are used today. Apart from being durable as well as durable, tile shop London provides your home with a stylish style. They are easy to clean and maintain and are available in a range of designs and colours which easily blend in with the interior decor of your home.

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  • Different types of tiles
  • Ceramic tiles

Available in the glazed (polished) and unglazed versions. Ceramic tiles with glazes are plain or decorated and can be utilised on walls and floors.

Types Of Tiles

Cement/Concrete Tiles

They are very durable and durable and durable, which is why they are ideal for outdoor flooring and driveways. Because they don’t have a smooth surface, they give the best grip, even in the event of rain.

Terracotta Tiles

Made from natural clay. They are extremely tough and water-resistant. They are glazed to provide variation in colour and additional toughness. Used for walls and floors while they are usually preferred in the living area but they can also be utilised for roofing.

Mosaic Tiles

These tiles are small and made of natural stone, porcelain glass, or ceramic. They are available in glazed or unglazed varieties and are an excellent way to bring colour to your home without making it look cluttered. They are characteristically used in kitchens and bathrooms.

Natural Stone Tiles

It includes marble, granite and limestone to mention some. They can be durable or not, depending on the type of material. Materials like marble and granite are ideal for the living area as well as for kitchen or bathroom counters.

Vitrified Tiles

They are treated to make them tough and impervious to scratches, acids and stains. They are quite affordable and are available in a broad selection of colours and can be utilised in any setting.

Quarry Tiles

These are unglazed tiles that are strong and durable, and can be employed indoors and outdoors. These are among the most durable options for flooring and are most often used in kitchens.

Selecting The Appropriate Type Of Tile

Choose the largest tile shop London for living areas as well as consider smaller tiles for guest and bedroom rooms. Choose to match the interiors when choosing the tile for your room. Grey and ivory-colored tiles are ideal for your flooring. They will, in the same way, stay in harmony with your interior decor.

Find brightly-colored floor tiles that give your bathroom a unique look. Be sure they have an excellent grip and a non skid-resistant matte finish. For walls, you can pick matte or glossy tiles. They are simple to clean and maintain.

Install non-skid tiles on the kitchen floor. Most popular colours are brown or gold as the staining and scratches aren’t visible on the tiles. Choose glossy tiles for your walls since they’re extremely simple to clean.

Choose earthy or dark tiles for your hallways since they’re places with a lot of traffic. Dark colours are a good way to disguise grime and wear and wear and.

Utilise basic colours for roofing or terrace tiles. White is preferred since it can reduce the temperature of rooms significantly.

tile shop London
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Picking Tiles In Accordance With The Area


Ceramic tile is the most popular option for bathrooms. Glazed ceramic tiles are ideal for bathroom walls, but not flooring as they could be slippery when they are wet. Make use of natural stones like slate, granite or sandstone instead. They are more secure to walk on when wet as they provide an excellent grip.

The options above offer strength as well as style and elegance. Mix and match them to find the perfect fit design for your bathroom. You can add a colour in bathrooms by adding borders to your bathroom tiles. Colourful patterns or bright colours on the tiles can do great things to your bathroom. While tiles are available in a variety of sizes, it’s better to go with a smaller size.

Living Room

In the living space it is possible to choose any of the ceramic tiles available as well as natural stones. Terracotta tiles, Italian marble tiles, as well as porcelain are the most preferred option these days.

The marble with a textured and designer look is perfect for a huge and spacious living room and a smaller space can be decorated using Terracotta tiles. It will give the character and warmth you want to your space.


It is recommended to use ceramic tiles for kitchens. They are durable and offered in a variety of colours and patterns. Pick tiles that are strong and scratch-resistant, as kitchens are considered highly-trafficked areas. Make sure to match the units and interiors in the kitchen when choosing the floor and wall tile. Opt to use smaller tiles in the kitchen with a small space and large tiles for larger spaces.

4 Instructions For Selecting Flooring Tiles

Do you think of replacing your flooring? Renovating your interiors? There are many possibilities for floor tiles and choosing the best tile shops London could be a challenge. Here are five suggestions that will help narrow your options.

1. All You Need To Know About The Different Types Of Tiles

Ceramic tiles are strong and inexpensive; however they are prone to cracking and chipping. It is recommended to select ceramic tiles of group-4 or group-5 that are suitable for areas that have moderate and light traffic.

The porcelain tiles are not just stronger and denser than ceramic tiles; they also are stain and scratch resistant. To achieve a seamless appearance choose joints-free or rectified porcelain tiles. Make use of epoxy grouting for an attractive appearance.

 Vitrified tiles are tough, sturdy, tough and resistant to moisture and stain. They come in a variety of types like double charged vitrified tiles, which have a dual tone colour, full body has an even colour across the tiles, soluble salt tiles are offered in various patterns, and glazed tiles have the added shine.

Additionally, natural substances like limestone, sandstone marble, and travertine are accessible as tiles.

For a striking look choose cement tiles that are available in traditional designs. Since they are porous they must be sealed on a regular basis.

2. How To Choose The Best Size

When deciding on the size ensure there’s no waste in the installation. Select large-sized tiles to be used in the living space, dining area and bedrooms.

The smaller ones are suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. Be aware that larger tiles produce smaller joint lines and give the illusion of being spacious.

3. Select One Of The Ideal Tile Finish

The tiles with a gloss finish are attractive and have a mirror-like appearance that reflects lots of light. It also adds to the brightness of your home and provides an airy look. These tiles are not recommended for places like bathrooms and kitchens due to their tendency to slip when they are wet.

The tiles with a matte finish are non-reflective, slip-resistant and don’t reveal dirt or stains readily. Additionally, tiles that are slip-resistant lower the risk of falling into moist environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. To ensure safety, select tiles that have COF( coefficient of friction) that is greater than 0.6.

You could choose a legato or semi-matte finish. They have more shine than matte tiles, and are also non-slip in nature.

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4. Tips For Design

Tile contractors can be found in a range of colours and designs. With the advancement of digital printing, tiles are able to replicate the feel and look of natural materials, such as marble, wood and other kinds of natural stone. You can also mix and match several tiles together to form a unique pattern.

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