How to get the high end look of granite countertops orlando Afforadably

Granite is long-lasting, durable, timeless, and beautiful, which is why it’s more expensive than some materials, like laminate. Laminate can imitate the look of granite, but it’s never the same. If you want to save as much money as possible when buying and installing granite countertops Orlando, you have to factor in installation, seaming, and the type of edging you want. We’ll talk about some simple ways to cut granite countertop costs in this post.

Don’t be so rigid

Keep an open mind when it comes to granite countertops. The rarer the color, the more expensive it is. Focus on updating other areas of your kitchen or bath to coordinate with your granite countertops instead of trying to find a stone that matches. Often, refinishing cabinets or flooring and choosing a more universal granite for the counters is cheaper than finding that perfect slab to match.

Compare the prices

Granite countertops can be bought and installed by big box stores, kitchen and bathroom design studios, granite fabricators, and prefabricated granite companies. Hire a well-established, experienced, and fully insured countertop company to get the best results. Search online for installers and fabricators near you and ask your friends and family for recommendations. Once you’ve narrowed your search down, contact two or three companies to find out how to save on Orlando granite countertops. Get an estimate from each company based on your rough measurements.

Buy factory direct countertops

Many stone yards won’t tell you that you can check out all the slabs available at one of their wholesalers. It might seem strange, but wholesale companies are open to the public. Honestly, the fabricator isn’t doing anything wrong by not telling you about this. After all, they probably have a decent selection at their store for you to choose from. They’d rather unload what they already have in stock rather than buy a slab from the wholesaler.

Buy Wholesale

The best thing about picking out a slab at a wholesale store is the selection. While most local fabricators only have 30 or so stones to choose from, a wholesaler will usually have 100 or more. And even better, you’ll probably find your best granite countertop deals at more than one wholesaler.

Watch out for double markup

Look for wholesale suppliers who are willing to sell directly to the public, they won’t give you the price, but they’ll point you to fabricators. Fabricators bid on your project and mark up your product after the markup the supplier provided because they want to make as much money as possible. So, buying directly from wholesale suppliers will save you double the price. The suppliers’ bid will include both the product and labor, so you don’t have to pay double.

Buy local

Visit Allstone Countertops Orlando for the best price and quality. They specialize in granite countertops, and they’re the same guys the national chains hire to make your countertops. In the case of a national chain store, the local company is getting paid as little as possible by the big company. The big chain store then charges you more for acting as a middleman. By buying Granite Countertops directly from the fabricator, you’ll get better customer service and in most cases, you’ll get affordable Orlando granite countertops.

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