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Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte’s future remains uncertain following their Champions League elimination against AC Milan. Reports indicate Spurs are already considering alternatives if Conte departs in the summer.

Thomas Frank, the manager of Brentford FC, has opened up about Conte’s coaching style. He expresses admiration for the Italian’s work at the club and is delighted with their performance so far this season.

Conte is a traditional drawing medium

As Conte approaches his one year anniversary as manager at White Hart Lane, Frank addresses any rumours about management changes: ‘I admire Conte and hope he can stay.

The Italian has been a key figure in the club’s comeback and led them to victory in the Champions League on a late charge. Unfortunately, his contract expires next year and it appears his relationship with chairman Daniel Levy may be at risk.

Contrary to reports, Spurs manager Antonio Conte remains upbeat about his future with the club. After undergoing gallbladder surgery earlier this month, Conte has spent time with his staff and is eager to return to work.

Tottenham have lost three of their last four Premier League matches and now face a challenging week ahead with matches against Manchester City on Thursday and Liverpool at home the following week. There can be no doubt that Tottenham’s chances for a top-four finish are now very much in jeopardy.

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Conte is similar to pastel

Frank addresses Spurs management rumours: ‘I highly recommend Conte a Paris Pastel Pencils; they’re soft, user-friendly and produce brilliant colours. Additionally, these artist pastels blend easily with other brands of pastel paint such as Unison Colour’s Daler Rowneys Caran d’Ache Sennelier and Derwent sets.

These soft pastel pencils are made with artists’ grade pigments for exceptional flow and spontaneity when applying. Lightfast and easily blended, these lightfast pastels can be used on newsprint, bristol or toned paper and even darker papers for subtler shading effects.

Conte crayons were first developed in France during a time when paint and color pigments were scarce. Early masters used this medium for sketching and preliminary work, and it remains one of the most popular drawing tools today for creating initial layers before using dry pastels.

Conte is a hard crayon

Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte has been the subject of speculation that he may be departing the club at the end of this season. Following their goalless draw against AC Milan in the Champions League on Wednesday night, Spurs fans have expressed their displeasure and called for his removal.

Frank responded to the rumours on Twitter by writing: ‘I admire Conte, I believe in him, and I am content with where he is at’.

Spurs may look to add a centre-back this summer. One potential target could be Frenchman Luca Ndicka, currently on loan at Frankfurt and considered an ideal addition.

Conte crayons were first invented in the late 18th century by Nicholas Jacques Conte to solve the difficulty of finding paint and pigments. Made from graphite and clay, these crayons are harder to break than chalk and don’t smudge as easily.

Conte is a smudging medium

Conte, a French invention from the 19th century, is one of my go-to drawing mediums due to its smudgeproof properties. I use it in both charcoal and pencil drawings as well as on sketchbook pages for its vibrant colour fastness which can be enhanced by not overspraying; for best results, let the pigment sit on paper for some time before adding more pigment.

No surprise here – the best way to use this medium effectively is armed with the proper tools and knowledge! A complete smudge set featuring everything you need from a kneadable eraser to chamois leather is essential, while having some quality workable fixative on hand also comes in handy. These items should always be on hand; one for when inspiration strikes and another as something essential when sharing with friends your latest creation.

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