Havelock Island

Havelock Island is a hidden slice of paradise. The island is wrapped in dense greens edged with white sandy beaches. A dive into crystal clear waters with hues of turquoise blue is the most breathtaking experience here. Tourists adore its picture-perfect beaches, laid-back vibe, Havelock island resorts of Munjoh, and amazing underwater world.

Top things to do in Havelock Island Resorts

Havelock is famous for its immaculate beaches, crystal-clear waters, and an assortment of water sports. All thanks to the combination of activities the island offers, Havelock Island is a delightful attraction that draws anybody staying in luxury resorts in the Andaman Islands.

Here are a few more adventures to do on Havelock Island:

1- Kayaking

Kayak your way via the stunning mangrove forests, one can also combine kayaking with snorkeling or even take a night kayaking tour. You don’t have to be a swimming expert for kayaking. Any newbie can enjoy this fun activity. We suggest Kayaking with a certified instructor for a fun-filled adventure. These watersports are best enjoyed with your friends and family. It makes your travel unforgettable.

2- Candlelight Dinner

Treat your better half to a romantic candlelight dinner under the stars. Havelock Island resorts like the Munjoh resort offer a magical, famous candlelight dinner.

3- Scuba Diving

Havelock Island is famous for its scuba diving adventure with the finest infrastructure. Andamans is one of the best locations for water sports like Scuba Diving.

4- Shopping

Shop some lovely souvenirs for your loved ones back home at Seven Heaven, this lifestyle store is a shopper’s paradise. Hand-picked, designer apparel and jewelry make for excellent gifts.

5- Elephant Beach

One of the prime locations on Havelock Island is Elephant Beach. This island is a shallow water heaven for snorkelers. All appreciation to an unusual number of Scuba divers who have enlightened the locals on the significance of reef conservation, reefs here are expanding, unlike most islands where reefs are decreasing extensively.

6- Game Fishing

Set off on a premier fishing adventure in the Andaman Sea. The period of this activity is around 2-4 hours.

Havelock Island Resort

Resorts in Swaraj Dweep (Havelock)

The visitor stay in Havelock is the finest among all luxury resorts in Andaman. You can find beach resorts at budget rates or more elegant cabins at a premium cost.

1- Munjoh Ocean Resort:

Munjoh Ocean Resort, the finest Havelock Island resort, is surrounded by brooks and adorable trees. Select from world-class accommodations, including Ocean Suites, Pool Suites, and a lot more. The diner on-site offers excellent seafood and a variety of cuisines, along with vital services and amenities.

2- Barefoot at Radhanagar:

Located right next to Radhanagar Beach, Barefoot Resort proposes a luxurious stay in midst of a jungle. They can also set up all the activities for families and friends. This luxurious stay can give a jungle camp kind of feel with nature’s beauty and luxury at once.

3- Seashell Resort:

This beach-facing hotel is located close to the jetty. A 100-room hotel offering a spa, an infinity pool, and candlelight dinners for the lovebirds visiting this Havelock island resorts.

4- Jalakara: A small spectrum of 6 tastefully designed rooms and a stunning villa with a pool are offered by this boutique hotel amidst the rainforests of Havelock. Making it a dream place to stay in Havelock.

Resort with pool


As far as islands in the Andamans go, Havelock is the most tourist-friendly and the most visited Island. There are a variety of accommodation options from bamboo cabins to luxury mansions, great multinational cuisine cafes, souvenir shops, and whatnot. You’ll find almost everything from adventure, forests, and beaches to luxury resorts in Andaman.


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