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Trends come and go, and what stays there is the urge of marketing and brand. Back in the day, the idea was all about advertising by limited means, probably the available ones only. Such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television, etc. On contrary to that, today’s world got us covered in a number of meaningful ways.

The best part about them is the vast variety inside that particular source. Imagine having an access to the highly rewarding marketing channels run via online platforms from the comfort of home! Who thought of this entire change around a couple of decades ago? Rarely anyone did!

With more options there comes more responsibility. Especially, when we live in an era of frequently changing trends. However, online essay writers in their marketing assignments also explain it. A deep examination and catching up on all of them is really a kind of hard nut to crack.

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What Online Essay Writers Have to Say About SEO?

There are two prominent factors to shed some light on.

Pros of SEO Marketing

Let us begin with the all-time brighter sides of search engine optimization. Something which is ruling this digital age without a shadow of any doubt.

Organically Generated Traffic

The brightest side of any marketing campaign is the quality of its audience. Yes, more than leads, what matters the most is nothing but the audience segment. By the end of the day, that is what going to be the backbone of the brand.


  • Once, you get it, the original, consistent, and potential customer part, nothing would stop your set to excel.
  • Organic traffic comes there without any external support, hence not less than a golden chance.
  • The strongest medium to build brand loyalty is the traffic that came there originally.

Deep Analysis

With SEO techniques, a company can not only grab genuine and useful people but also become eligible to realize if something goes wrong. For instance, if there is high a bounce rate or less dwell time etc. another situation in this regard can also be the situation where people add products to their cart yet do not checkout.

  • Most importantly, all the graphs show sales going up or down, clicks, stay time, the number of visitors and days, etc.
  • In short, insight tools really play a huge role in making plans. Just like the user interface, speed.
  • A brand gets the chance for future improvements with the help of all the driven insights.

ROI Driven Results

What first thing strikes your mind when hearing the term SEO? Obviously, it is a long-term yet reliable procedure to build a site presence. Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing your website’s organic search results to make it appear at the top of search results.

  • It is quite an inexpensive way of spending less amount per action etc.
  • Hiring an SEO expert may cost a bunch just like hiring any other service seller.
  • However, always expect a good rate of investment in the case of white hat search engine optimization.


Compared to paid campaigns, organic search engine optimization takes time, effort, determination, and more research. Both for implementation and then outcomes. what gets it an edge is the long duration in which the brand enjoys its peak while ranking high in search engine result pages.

  • If all the tricks have been used are white hats get ready to stay somewhere up in the top search bar for longer just like online essay writers do.
  • With the whole process, the shelf life of any site’s visibility also increases.
  • Compared to paid campaigns, there are no temporary outcomes to pave the way. Rather stable ones.

Trust Elements

The website always contributes a lot more than social media pages following its own capacities. After all, you just make efforts more than expenses. A customer approaching any business through any social media handle is always a bit suspicious about the product and service authenticity. Or whether or not they should be trusted.

  • Having an optimized website clears kind doubts from the mind of the struggler. My online essay writers also wrote that in my marketing assignment.
  • From building brand credibility to attracting consumers’ trust, the website does them all.
  • Only serious businesses would pay for domain and hosting. But business pages, groups, and organic posting do not cost much.

Cons of SEO Marketing

How can a safe, reliable, and pocket-friendly process like search optimization have drawbacks? Unfortunately, it has. But half in number. Have a look.

Chances of Penalty

Out of all the occasional negative aspects, one of the scariest is getting penalties from the browser. I learned it from my online essay writers during the BBA marketing year. The author had put great emphasis on the most common mistake student make with SEO. Resultantly, they get penalized. These are.

  • Copied, paraphrased, or plagiarized content. All of these practices are strictly forbidden by the education boss of the search bar.
  • The fusion of do and do not follow links. Plus, broken links divert traffic wrongfully.
  • Any kind of black hat techniques that are in no way acceptable by google panda and penguin guidelines


When it comes to terms of labor and research, it’s potentially a very time-consuming process. We call it a lengthy process in the sense of firstly website development and then doing its optimization. Then comes the creation and design of pages etc. which actually take major time are following.

  • Keywords research through tools and then its proper placement in off-page and on-page content generation.
  • One has to be extra patient if one needs conversions via this method. But it’s indeed fruitful.
  • The process of crawling, indexing, and then ranking does not happen overnight. Rather a google algorithm carries forward its own process.

Lack of Surety

As much as optimization works well with the liability of the business, we cannot completely depend on the results after doing search engine optimization. The wait can be longer than expected. Moreover, what would happen if the company dedicated a huge chunk to this practice only?

  • The trend may go out of the fashion till the moment website goes up somewhere in the ranking.
  • Paid ads filter out irrelevant people but everybody is accessible to the website. Hence more traffic means more leads.
  • Appointing an SEO expert along with a proficient website developer and designer can turn out to be costly at times.


We utilize SEO to get the leverage of better branding and marketing experience to make our brand outstand among the masses. In the second situation, the right techniques and services are designed to help businesses take benefit from numerous factors such as trustworthy presence, etc.

If there is any difference between the best and worst SEO practices is that the latter wastes your time, money, and above all, brain cells. Therefore, a thorough understanding is the key to this door. So what if it carries some disadvantages? Majority does. Not every site can be as perfect as law essay writing service UK has due to their rightly done SEO.

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