Are you a leader or follower?

You don’t have to shout and command to be a leader. In fact, you can be a quiet leader. This article shows an example of how.


First, when you are able to calmly lead a certain group of people towards positive busy books and enlightenment, you become an instant leader . Well how do you do that? Continue reading.


One of those ways is by writing self-help books and sending them to your email list. So how do you build an email list? The easiest way is to participate in self-help giveaways, where members start subscribing to your self-help eBook. So make sure the cover, eBook title, and content are interesting and innovative. Once you have a solid email list, you can gradually write more self-help books on special offers and send them to your email list. In this way, you are leading a group of people through your self-help book(s) to self-growth and self-empowerment. You are definitely a quiet leader.


Other books you can write might be fictional stories. You can start by contributing to a free website. When you master the writing skills you will be ready to sell them in online or offline bookstores and you will end up with a good source of income in addition to being a silent leader.


The final alternative I would suggest is to contribute articles to an online site. Write inspirational articles so people will enjoy reading them and keep an eye out for more articles from you. You can also compile these articles into series in the form of eBooks if you have written an outstanding number of articles and you can then send them to your email list(s) as well.


All of the above ways show how you can lead people to positivity and enthusiasm by sharing your important messages with them so they become addicted to your books.


From time to time, you can ask your email list to fill out a survey based on the type of eBooks they want to read. The results of the survey can be interesting and you will immediately know the general taste of your eBook subscribers.


In all of the above case studies, you show real leadership in your own quiet way and yet Handmade quiet books popular and well known and people enjoy following you and your valuable messages by reading your books and they gain insight and wisdom from them .


Come on – if you don’t want to brag or give speeches, writing books the way I’ve shown will definitely help you create a spotlight image. You’ll make an enticing impression on your audience as you set about mastering your skills in writing different types of books and eventually leading the world.


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