Hookah Lounge

Where did you have your first hookah experience?

At a friend’s, family member’s house, or Hookah bar.

Wherever it was, doesn’t make much difference. Everyone visits the hookah lounge at least once to get a sense of the vibe and socialize while smoking. But some people love to enjoy their Hookah in the comfort of their homes. However, there are several arguments to prove why the Hookah experience is better at the lounge. Keep reading to discover more!

What is a Hookah Lounge?

A hookah lounge is a business establishment that sells flavored tobacco that you can light up and smoke from a hookah pipe, similar to a cafe, bar, or restaurant.

Apart from Hookah, these lounges also serve a variety of snacks and munchies, as well as various alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Snacks go well with Hookah because they don’t have a powerful aftertaste that can overshadow the hookah flavor or drink you’re consuming. Some lounges also offer a full-course meal and soothing music as accompaniments. All of these factors contribute to your fantastic hookah experience with friends.

Smoke is a specific feature of every hookah lounge. The location is, therefore, a permitted smoking area inside and outside. If you do not plan on trying a hookah, you should be aware that you will be subjected to secondhand smoke at the lounge.

What to Expect at a Hookah Lounge?

Many nightclubs opt for an oriental theme since Hookah originated in India and spread throughout the Middle East and Egypt. From the decor to the music, almost everything is in keeping with this theme.

Live music is only sometimes present at a hookah lounge, but some may host special events. Moreover, hookah lounges do not exclusively focus on eastern cultural elements regarding their setting, decor, music, and overall theme. Instead, various hookahs are available across the country with western decor, from chic to avant-garde, minimalist to country, and traditional cafes, bars, and resto pubs. 

A hookah lounge has a comfortable setting, which is the first thing you’ll notice. Relaxation is usually one of the primary purposes of smoking a hookah, so the lighting and music in the lounge are chosen to have a calming effect on guests. So expect a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

The alternative element you can look forward to is the variety of hookahs, including hookah flavors. Lounges typically have hookahs of various sizes and types, allowing small, medium, or large groups of friends to socialize and enjoy together. Al Fakher spoils you for choice when it comes to hookah flavor choices; give a try to some of their most popular ones such as Two Apples, Diamond Dust, Double Apple with Mint, Grapefruit, and so on. 

The third factor is, of course, food and drink. Most hookah lounges serve food. So the least you can expect is a small selection of nibbles and snacks. The biggest thing you’ll get in some lounges is a menu with various international cuisines, including some healthy dishes for the fitness freaks.

Likewise, popular beverages and soft drinks await you, from teas and coffees to sodas, juices, and mocktails. However, you may not receive alcoholic drinks at the hookah lounge. The beverage menu may be proportional to the food served in the lounge. Many places offer smoothies, desserts, and a variety of other beverages. 

Social and Cultural Etiquettes followed at a Hookah Lounge

Since smoking a hookah is a long-standing custom, you should be aware of the several etiquettes before entering a hookah lounge, particularly a traditional one, to avoid offending anyone.

First and foremost, show consideration and courtesy to everyone who works at the hookah place, including your server. You should always lead with kindness wherever you go because it will benefit you, just like anywhere else.

Next, as a gesture of respect for your fellow smokers, you should always use a hookah tip. A hookah tip is a tiny piece of plastic that you attach to the end of your pipe to prevent your mouth from coming into contact with the shared section.

There are additional traditions to observe if you smoke at a more traditional hookah lounge. Because the Hookah is considered a servant and shouldn’t be positioned at your eye level, you should keep it on the floor. Additionally, you should exercise caution when transferring the hookah pipe; keep the tip facing you. Passing with the tip and pointing outwards is often interpreted as being disrespectful.

What are the General Rules or Policies of a Hookah Lounge?

State laws mandate that all hookah lounges in the nation have age restrictions. The same regulations that govern shisha smoking for adults over 21 also govern hookah lounges in those states. Likewise, the same law that regulates shisha smoking for adults over 19 also governs hookah lounges.

Besides the minimum age, most hookah lounges follow the same general rules you would find at a cafe, bar, or restaurant. All visitors to the lounge must be courteous, social, and considerate of other patrons. Smoking hookah or shisha is a sociocultural practice designed to promote tranquility and social gatherings where people can enjoy music, food, and some hearty tete-a-tete.

Needless to say, every hookah smoker should be aware of the customary procedures for smoking hookah at a bar, a friend’s house, or your own.

In a Nutshell

There is nothing to be nervous about when you go to a hookah lounge for the first time; they are laid-back settings where you can enjoy Hookah and meet others with similar interests.

The modern design could be used to decorate a hookah lounge, especially in more recent establishments that cater to younger smokers. Additionally, you can find conventional hookah lounges that adhere much more closely to long-standing hookah culture and are furnished with Arabic and Indian decor.

In addition to an abundance of shisha selections, hookah lounges frequently serve food and coffee, but alcohol is not typically available.

Make sure to distribute the Hookah fairly among the diners and always use a tip when sharing a hose to keep everything hygienic.

Although it’s exciting and fun to smoke in a hookah lounge, there are times when you’d prefer to enjoy that luxury at home. You can do that at Shisha Lounge Dubai.

You can experience the atmosphere of a hookah lounge in the comfort of your living room with high-quality hookah setups ranging in size from small to large and featuring the most modern designs available.

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