Escape Rooms are the latest trends in town. There could be many reasons why people like escape rooms. The adrenaline rush that comes with it is one of the main reasons.   

What is most exciting about escape rooms is the alternate life. Even if it is for an hour, I can forget what is troubling me. And instead, can feel like a part of some other world. I can be a detective, a CBI chief, or even a hero and save someone. It gives us a lot of new exciting emotions and experiences we can’t get in our everyday lives and birthday celebrations.  

Here are the top escape rooms in Bangalore for mystery lovers out there!  


This chain of escape rooms has a highly convenient location in Koramangala. They have seven setups to explore, including a special one called the Enchanted Forest which is a 5-10 player game and is a relatively simple one to break. It requires your group’s most brilliant and boldest to go into a forest, track down a treasure and save a kingdom. Breakout escape room hosts a unique and once-in-a-lifetime birthday celebration. Escape rooms and birthday is the best celebration combo one can have. The group activities help in building team spirit within the group.  

The Bank Job makes sure to leave you feeling like an individual from Oceans 11 if you solve it! Calling each of the 007 aspirants, Classified is a covert operative mission set inside a jail housing a dangerous psychopath detainee. You have an hour to figure out ways to prevent the prisoners from seeing their plan through. They likewise offer a prison breakout, a bank robbery, a bomb defusal, and a crown jewels heist.  

Address: 1st Floor, #27, NMR, 100 Feet Road, Intermediate Ring Rd, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka.  

2. The Amazing Escape Rooms:   

With eight rooms to explore, they have the standard jail breakout, bank robbery, and bomb defusal games. Yet, they additionally have the complicated Illuminati, which expects you to demonstrate that the Pope was killed (not by you!) before the Swiss guards catch you. Do you like a component of horror and the supernatural? 

Attempt Evil Lucy, she’s been projected captivated, and it depends on you to turn around that in time. Do tombs, pharaohs, and the magical underground world sound captivating to you? Give Escape the Tomb a try; it’ll be an hour of unadulterated fun. These games are every one of the 2-8 individuals each and are set to an hour-long clock.  

Address: 3798-3802, 7th Main Rd, Motappapalya, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka.  

3. Riddle Room:   

Operation Chimera is for those chemistry-loving nerds. You must crack a formula before the cruelty of Dr. Hanz’s revenge operation is let loose on the innocent residents of Romania. Excessively complicated a game for a relaxed Saturday night? Stress not; attempt The Lost Capstone of Rameses, where you explore through a burial chamber to get every one of the bits of the crystal quickly. 

You can likewise look over Serial Killer’s Lair, where you have 45 minutes to escape before Sly takes revenge. The Heist is intriguing because you want to demonstrate to the super conman that you merit his trust. To do so, you want to recover a prized scepter from an eccentric art collector and pet enemy of The Cloak and convey it to him quickly.  

Address: Siddam Setty Complex, Koramangala Industrial Layout, Adugodi, Bengaluru, Karnataka.  

4. Dare 2 Escape:   

Dazzling Diamond Treasure is an hour-long game set to find a diamond treasure gone missing. Your group must get into the prime suspect’s personal space and strike it to track down the fortune before the bomb goes off. Searching for something hazier and dustier? Pick Abduction in Go-Down. Everything, without a doubt, revolves around getting your companions out just under the nick of time. 

They’ve been abducted in a go-down, and you are their only hope to leave alive and in one piece. RUN. Breaking out of jail is no mean errand. The Scofield siblings have proven that more than once; they likewise proved that it’s certainly feasible. This way, get your heads together and figure out the clues and tips left around for yourself and your group to make a total separation in the quietest hour of the jail, 3-4 am!  

Address: TRENDS WOMAN, Reliance Retail Ltd, No 300 Municipal, 290, AECS Layout Main Rd, Varthur Hobli, Bengaluru, Karnataka.  

5. Mystery Rooms:   

With changing difficulty levels, this one has six scenarios to look over. They have the Hurt Locker, a test of skill and endurance to kill a live bomb. Lockout is a complex and fast jailbreak, while Abduction needs you to settle a kidnapping. If you’re searching for an old-fashioned murder mystery, Cabin In The Woods is only the one that is quite highly challenging. 

It requires 4-8 players, so make a more extensive group for this one! Con of Kohinoor – A Mission Impossible makes sure to satisfy all Don wannabes; this one’s not so much for youngsters younger than 14.  

Address: 1131, 100 Feet Rd, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka. 


So, our list ends here. Comment below your favourite escape room from this list.

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