What is erectile dysfunction (ED)?

When a man has difficulty getting or maintaining an erection during sex, and some men have an average erection for a short (5.4 minutes) or normal (a few minutes to a few hours) erection duration. In this case, he may have erectile dysfunction (ED). It may be the result of an underlying health condition such as heart disease, so speak with your doctor as soon as possible.

What are the symptoms of erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction occurs gradually, with varying intensity of symptoms. Initially, the body will be able to have an erection, although the libido begins to decline. After a while, the erections don’t last as long as they used to.

Eventually, the body will be completely unable to have an erection.

Is erectile dysfunction a mental problem?

If the patient cannot cite any underlying physical condition that may be causing the erectile dysfunction, it may be a product of the mental condition. Erectile dysfunction has various psychological causes.

Some of them can be:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Guilt
  • Relationship problems
  • Porn addiction
  • Performance anxiety
  • Low self-esteem achievement.

Is erectile dysfunction permanent?

Erectile dysfunction is not permanent. The cure for erectile dysfunction depends on its cause. Some causes are easier to treat than others.

If the patient finds out the cause carefully, he can choose the appropriate method and measures for self-treatment and can avoid drugs and operations.

What are the causes of erectile dysfunction?

The causes of erectile dysfunction are divided into physical and psychological causes.

Physiological Causes: Physiologically, erectile dysfunction mainly occurs due to decreased blood flow and blood pressure. Conditions such as high cholesterol, heart disease, high blood pressure, and atherosclerosis can affect blood flow to the penis. Also, damaged blood vessels and nerves can lead to erectile dysfunction, which is caused by conditions like diabetes.

Psychological Causes: Sexual trauma can also occur due to psychological issues. Since sexual arousal begins in the brain, psychological issues are the main causes of erectile dysfunction. Mental issues such as anxiety and depression can affect sex drive and lead to erectile dysfunction.

How is erectile dysfunction diagnosed?

Doctors diagnose erectile dysfunction using certain tests, as follows:

Physical examination: this examination includes checking the penis and testicles and checking nerve sensations

Blood tests: blood tests are used to find diabetes, disease, and other health conditions any indication of the condition.

Urine tests: Similar to blood tests, urine tests are used to look for signs of diabetes and other underlying health conditions.

Ultrasound: Ultrasound is usually performed by a medical specialist. A stick-like device (transducer) used to perform a rain test on the vein that supplies the penis. The device takes video footage from which experts examine the person for blood circulation problems.

Psychological Examination: During this process, a specialist talks with the patient to identify any signs of depression or psychological errors that are causing erectile dysfunction.

How to treat erectile dysfunction?

Depending on the cause and severity of the problem, the doctor will recommend treatment which may include:

Oral medications: Oral medications may include drugs such as Viagra, Cialis, Stendra and Levitra. It improves the effects of nitric oxide in the body, which improves blood flow to the penis. The dosage of the drug varies from person to person. This medicine will not help with an immediate erection as it is not an aphrodisiac.

Some form of sexual stimulation is needed to activate the release of nitric oxide and cause an erection.

Counselling: Recommended for men who suffer from stress, anxiety, and low self-esteem, which can also contribute to erectile dysfunction. Counselling is effective in helping men address mental health issues and overcome erectile dysfunction.

Muse Therapy: A small alprostadil suppository is inserted into the urethra of the penis using a special applicator. It must be inserted into the penis before intercourse.

It takes about 10 minutes for the drug to work and the erection can last 30-60 minutes.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy: This therapy is recommended for men with erectile dysfunction due to low testosterone levels. Testosterone replacement is usually done with injections or patches. It can also be taken as a gel or gum.

Penis Pump: The vacuum erection device is positioned directly on the penis.

Hollow tubes are usually battery operated or manually operated. Once the pump is placed, it pushes the air inside the device, creating a vacuum that allows blood to flow to the penis, resulting in an erection. A tension ring is then placed at the base of the penis to hold the erection in place. The ring should be removed immediately after intercourse.

Penile implants: This is done surgically and the implants are placed on either side of the male penis.

Implants can be pneumatic or semi-rigid rods. This form of treatment is very rare and is only done after other types of erectile dysfunction treatment have failed.

Who Needs Erectile Dysfunction Treatment?

Erectile dysfunction can affect men of any age. Usually, older men are more likely to face this problem than younger men.

Men of all ages can seek treatment for erectile dysfunction. Treatment for erectile dysfunction usually depends on the diagnosis and varies from person to person.

Who is not suitable for treatment?

Depending on the medical condition and certain other factors, a doctor may recommend some form of treatment to cure erectile dysfunction. While one treatment, such as oral medication, may be effective for one patient, another may require surgery.

What is the fastest way to treat erectile dysfunction?

Several problems can cause erectile dysfunction. Not having an erection or maintaining an erection for a long time can lead to other medical conditions. Erectile dysfunction can be cured and men can regain their sexual performance.

There are several ways to handle this situation.

There are technologies such as intracavernous drugs and PulseWave RX therapy.

These are really fast and effective remedies that can help a man regain erection strength and long lasting erections that will give him confidence.

Do bananas help erectile dysfunction?

Yes, bananas help with erectile dysfunction. Not only bananas, but various fruits such as watermelon and papaya also help to improve erection.

Rich in protein, these fruits dilate the arterioles, leading to smooth blood circulation. It helps to treat erectile dysfunction.

What are the side effects of treating erectile dysfunction?

ED treatment is safe, but side effects may be rare, such as:

Oral medications can cause headaches, back pain, vision changes and stomach problems.

Self-injection can cause pain, bleeding, and the development of fibrous tissue around the injection site where the needle was injected.

Side effects of Muse therapy include mild urethral bleeding, pain, and fibrous tissue formation.

Surgery for erectile dysfunction is very rare and can lead to serious complications such as infection. 

How Long Will It Take To Recover?

Treatment for erectile dysfunction usually takes the form of oral medications which must be taken as prescribed. Recovery after penis surgery takes about 2-4 weeks.

A person can resume sexual activity in about 6 weeks. In cases of erectile dysfunction due to stress or anxiety, individuals seek psychotherapy and recovery as they feel distressed and learn to relax.

Will erectile dysfunction go away?

Can treat erectile dysfunction. Treatment can be drug or surgery, depending on the severity of the disease.

Sometimes patients can treat the underlying symptoms of a disease without any medication and, in turn, treat the disease itself.

Sometimes men choose traditional methods over medicine and surgery. They use a penis pump and create suction to bring blood to the penis. It makes the penis erect.

How Much Does Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Cost In Germany?

The cost of erectile dysfunction treatment varies depending on the type of treatment sought. It is generally doctor dependent or even more in some cases.

Are the effects of the treatment permanent?

Although the effects of surgery and penile implants can be permanent, men with erectile dysfunction must take oral medication when they wish to have sex.

What are the treatments?

There are also many alternative treatments for erectile dysfunction. These include:

  • Nutritional supplements
  • Herbal medicines
  • Acupuncture
  • Group therapy

Is ED reversible?

The reversibility of erectile dysfunction depends on the intensity or type of erectile dysfunction a person suffers from. Doctors divide ED into two categories, primary ED and secondary ED.

Primary ED is when the person is unable to maintain an erection for the rest of their life.

This condition is very rare and there is no cure.

Secondary erectile dysfunction is a condition in which a person once had working erections, but is now unable to do so due to certain physical and psychological problems. This condition is common in many people. Secondary erectile dysfunction is reversible with medical or surgical treatment, as well as a good diet and healthy lifestyle.

What are the best vitamins for erectile dysfunction?

Deficiencies in many vitamins can lead to erectile dysfunction. Some of them are as follows:

L-Arginine and Pycnogenol: These vitamins help induce relaxation of veins and arteries and regulate blood flow to the penis for normal erections.

Zinc: The mineral zinc helps increase testosterone levels in men and also helps to actively treat symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

DHEA: Many doctors prescribe dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) for ED. DHEA helps improve erectile dysfunction by dilating blood vessels, which leads to increased blood flow.

Vitamin D: One study found that men who lacked vitamin D were 32% more likely to develop erectile dysfunction than men who did not.

Foods High in Flavonoids: Foods high in flavonoids may also help reduce erectile dysfunction.

What are the best natural remedies for erectile dysfunction?

Ginkgo Biloba: It increases blood flow to the penis, thereby improving libido and erectile dysfunction. However, this medicine can cause bleeding problems.

For people taking blood thinners or suffering from bleeding disorders, it is recommended to consult a doctor before using Ginkgo.

Ginseng: There are many kinds of ginseng on the market. Most of them are considered helpful for ED. It is recommended to take ginseng in moderation as it can also cause sleep disturbances if taken in large amounts.

Yohimbine: Yohimbine, the main component of the bark of African trees, may be one of the best natural remedies for erectile dysfunction problems. Some research suggests that yohimbine may improve a type of sexual dysfunction associated with medications used to treat depression.

Horned Goat Weed: These leaves contain vitamins that enhance sexual performance. Taking large amounts of this herb can cause heart dysfunction.

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This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. Please consult a qualified health care provider for more information.



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